How is Boring Design Killing Your Website Conversion Rate?

Saurabh Tiwary | 12th July 2016

Incorporating poor design practices might have a significant effect on your website’s conversion rates. Even deploying advanced functionalities and high-quality graphics won’t assure you with the conversion that your business demands. So, it is very crucial to get your business website designed and developed so that it performs better. Here is a quick go through on poor design practices that might hurt your website conversion rate. 

Boring Design

Factors That Affect Website Conversion Rate

Too Much Text- No web design can do without content. However, too much of content may have a negative impact on your design. Nobody cares to read long stretched out content, instead, they anticipate the precise information that they are looking for. Managing content of your website is a challenging task. One has to be even more careful while placing content on their homepage. A highly dense text can annoy users resulting them to get away without going through.

Too Many Form Fields- Although it might be the need of your design to collect user data, but user often tries to get rid of such forms where they need to feed in their personal data. Their prime objective is to go through the stuff they are looking for. And if you seek their information in between, it will affect the user experience resulting in the reduced conversion rates.

Poor Interaction- Another reason that your website might look boring is the lack of interactivity. The key idea to improve this is to include the elements that can improve the user experience such as the use of animations, interactions, videos etc.  An interactive website is capable of catching the eyes of visitors. Creativity and recreation are the keys to a successful interaction design.

Wild Background-  A number of landing pages make use of dark and dramatic color themes. Also, the background of the page or large sections of it are seen to be black or fully-saturated with bright colors. However, these kinds of color choices bring out dark and frightening atmosphere or imply something very exotic which would only appeal to teenage junkies. So, from the perspective of conversion rates, such colors are not worth using.

Animation or video- Although animation and motion graphics are worth employing on your website. However, if they are not implemented carefully, they may have an adverse influence on your conversion rates. Unluckily, they are hardly tied to the desired conversion objectives on the landing page.  They are not useful to most of the users that have less bandwidth and fail to load graphical content. So, avoid deploying rich media on your web pages without performing tests to determine its impact on the conversion rates


Having a professionally designed website is the need of every organisation today. Hence it is very important to consider every aspect of website design and ensure its functionality from the quality developers. Modern web and graphic design approaches need to consider every aspect of design to get ultimate conversion rate.

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