How To Design A Perfect Home Page For Your Website?

Saurabh Tiwary | 10th March 2016

The home page of any website is the most crucial element. When you carefully take a look at the overall traffic of your website,   the home page is likely to be receiving more traffic than the other pages on the site. Moreover, a well-designed home page also has the best chance to rank high in the search engines as most of the visitors link to your home page (as do your internal pages). So better make it good.

So, it is advised that one should be very careful while designing a home page. There are a number of techniques to achieve a beautiful and content deliverable home page. The better we showcase our product to the client, more are the chances of it to be appreciated. Not only the clients, but as a website owner, you need to be creative in your own way to attract visitors to your website.  

Homepage is the center of attraction that defines the route to your entire content area to the users. Apart from having a proper navigation, homepage should be engaging, eye catching and delightful. A well-designed website homepage is a mixture of lucrative web design and development that help companies seek user’s attention.

Useful Tips For Home Page Design

While depending on the demand and theme of the website, it is obvious to make changes to the home page accordingly. However, there are few ideal concepts of home page design that must be considered.

  • Make sure your home page answers few question of the website visitors like who we are, what do we specialize in, etc. without killing much of their time. We should also try to provide precise information that is interesting to read and visualize and at the same time worthy.
  • One of the major considerations in home page design is the use of Carousels or Hero images as they immediately hit the minds of users and grab their attention. It can be beneficial for e commerce websites to focus on a particular product
  • Just like one starts reading the lines of a textbook from upper left corner and proceed towards the right, same follows for a website. So it is good to filter all the primary content, keep it on the left side and follow the hierarchy of contents.
  • Home page or rather the complete website must be responsive i.e. it should be able to fit into any display size and browsers because it is not sure that what kind of device is being used by the end user to view the pages.
  • Call To Action is what should always be considered and it should be up on the priority list, as we would not want to lose our clients just because we are not accessible to them. Also, it is useful to include few direct links or forms on our homepage to help users put up any query regarding our product or request a service.
  • Many people do not give much importance to the fonts, but choosing a right font for our home page can have a psychological effect on our viewers and greatly have an impact on how they feel towards the brand. We must consider few things while choosing a font:-
  • Study colors and their impact
  • Avoid too much of variation in fonts on home page
  • Use typography for headings.
  • Corporate website designers can research on creating fonts.
  • It’s good to keep it short with the number of menus on a home page. However, if one wants to include multiple menu options, another way of doing this is to create a drop down menu instead of stuffing queues of menus. Most of the important contents should lie under the menus of our home page.
  • A Hierarchy should be maintained based on the priority.
  • Most relevant contents should be on the top and least important at the bottom.
  • It is better to keep images at the top or just below the menus or if our website has card layout, we can separate images accordingly.
  • An effort should be made in the design to the best of our ability. A good homepage should look pretty attractive and eye-catching so that it leaves a great impression on the end user. Some elements like graphics, arts, quotes can also be  mashed up on a homepage. Apart from this, whatever is relevant and that makes one, distinct from others and represent their expertise  should be included.
  • A thorough study of every little part of our homepage is crucial by visualizing it through every perspective and making changes accordingly. Some small variation in design can have a negative impact on user’s mind and can harm reputation.

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Our homepage is the most important part of our website development for a business organisation, so we must work hard on it to design it. It’s a great challenge to impress the visitors in a few seconds. So, stay oriented on what your audience is looking for and how you can provide best they need. Thus, it is necessary to use right tools and resources for your homepage design. Try to obtain a standard design. When we make use of appropriate tools, it is obvious that we shall come up with good standard. After all, what matters is that pages must load faster and at the same time we must be able to manage the web pages easily. Cut off unnecessary stuff. Don’t let people feel tedious to scroll more. Try to make use of established designs, images and text to create a good impression.

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