HTML5 Media Source Extensions For Improved Video

Saurabh Tiwary | 27th April 2016

HTML5 Media Source Extension

HTML5 Media Source Extensions For Improved Video

 As the application of HTML5 has begun, we do not need additional plugins like Adobe Flash, Java etc. anymore. The availability of APIs and additional HTML elements have added too much of flavor to the video design support. These components have also made it convenient for the developers as they do not require additional plugins for videos. Although a number of plugins are supported by different browsers, however they are no more needed considering the features of HTML5. Let us take a look at some cool features of HTML5 Media Source Extensions:-


    • Audio Playback<audio> :- It enables immediate playback of the online content on the web page. In general, the playback of audio depends on the type of video and the codec that is automatically defined by the browser.
  • Video Playback<video> :- It allows instant video playback which is a distinct feature of HTML5. The highlighting feature of this extension removes the barrier of including plugins to the browsers. This sets up a universal video format i.e. MPEG-4/H.264 supported by most of the modern browsers. However, few low end mobile browsers like Opera Mini do not yet support this feature.
  • Canvas<canvas> :- This is very beneficial element for Graphical Representation. It provides scripts to render graphs and visuals of the game etc. It is often called Canvas JavaScript API. Another advantage of <canvas> element is that it can be used with WebGL to render graphics in both 2D and 3D by means of Graphic Cards.
  • Track<track> :- This Media Extension is used for timed text tracks. This can be used in tasks that require to add textual content to the videos. For example adding subtitles and captions to the videos.


Advantages of using MPEG-4 format:


  • It enhances the buffering speed by fast loading and stalling simultaneously during video playback
  • The playback quality and streaming depends on the bandwidth of the user. This automatically adapts to the downloading speed and manages playback accordingly
  • Uses streaming logics for video scalability and flexibility.
  • Makes efficient use of existing CDNs, cache and proxies.
  • Maintains same encryption throughout, during the signaling process as well as during transmission.
  • Allows easy splicing and insertion of ads.


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