Human face- A way to improve UX

Sukhmani Kaur | 3rd April 2019

Human face is a powerful tool in the designer’s toolbox and the kind of impression on people is really surprising. However, mostly we kind of ignore this tool while designing. We forget to

consider that what the human face is capable of doing.


Let’s have a look at some of the ways designers can use human faces to improve UX.


  1. Creates Impression

It creates an impression which is often called first impression. When in daily life we meet a new person our first impression has a significant impact on whether or not we like that person. It

takes only a few seconds for us to decide if we enjoyed their company or not. Similarly, the same works in case of digital products. Once the product has made a negative impression on

the users, chances are they won’t use it again.


  1. Obtain Emotional responses

It is a well known saying that a ‘picture worths a thousand words’ – and it is true when it comes to communication on an emotional level. A human face can portray  variety of emotions. It is

possible to portray emotions through design by using an  emotional expression on human faces.

A much powerful effect can be created by using multiple faces which share the same emotion. It can draw the user’s interest and make them want to be the part of the group experience.


  1. Creates Authority

A familiar human face is the most reassuring things a visitor can see. This is the reason why faces of the celebrities or the other famous people are often used in advertising. This only works

when the person is believed to use that product. For example, a picture of a famous actress wearing a watch helps to make the product more desirable for the target audience.

This needs to be concluded as displaying faces is the form of information delivery. It can influence people to recognize your product when used successfully.

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Sukhmani Kaur

I like thinking and creating solutions to the problems which user encounter in their journey while running an application. Creating a simple, eye catchy and user engaging things is my motto while designing.

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