Icons Speak- Refrain From Texts And Use Icons

Saurabh Tiwary | 18th April 2016

Not everybody seems to be taking  the interest in reading a long and dragged-out text. Although a lot of us are fond of it but talking about those people, who come across numerous texts from Internet, social media and print media etc., it might certainly add to their hassle going through typical information from numerous sources everyday.

In order to get rid of this information overload, and still allow users to know what  they want them to, designers can take a smart move by allowing people to focus on icons instead of the long fuzzy text of the information design. However, it’s been the matter of debates over past years whether icons really serve the purpose of delivering information or not and people bear varied opinions in this regard.

So let us dig it out if icons really matter from designing perspective.

Space Management

One of the prime reasons for designers to make use of icons is to save space demanded by the text. Instead of dragging out the lengthy text to describe anything, the best idea is to visualize through icons. As per a recent report by Google, they have brought about some major changes in their application to support a large number of icons. This brings us to draw a conclusion that icons are very well regarded by the Search Engine Giant.

Text vs. IconText vs. Icon

Most of the designers still go behind the notion that most of the times, icons are  confusing, perceived differently by different cultures and convey different meanings. Even if this point seems convincing, there is another effective alternative to this problem. In such cases, it is better to make use of icons with supportive text. The advantage of this approach is that the combination will bring about an attractive interactive design that is likely to be appealing and complete.

Final Verdict:-

A UX designer without icons is like a sky without stars. Iconography is a crucial component from the aspect of designing an ornamental website. Icons enhance the web design providing a distinct identity to be recognized on the web. Although we do not consider them as the fundamental need of every design type, but most of the web design projects consider iconography to be a very influencing factor as they share a unique and effective design attribute with interaction design.

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