Importance Of Intros And Animated Logos In Branding

The best way to demonstrate a piece of information is to present it in the form of motion graphics. Unlike text or images, videos are perceived in a better way and are easily digestible to the viewer. Apparently, the need of using Intros And Animated Logos on a website also rose because they are accessible to a large number of users. Here we shall explore some different aspects professional logo design servicesof such videos that would describe how they are actually important from the branding perspective of an organisation.

Animated logos

What Are Intros And Animated Logos And Why They Are Important?

These are short videos consisting of brand’s logo and a quick introduction in the form of animation which is solely meant for the purpose of branding of an organisation. The main idea is to introduce the viewer with the brand and familiarize them with what an organisation is all about.


Tips For Creating A Good Logo Animation:-

  • Consider the type of company for which the animation logo has to be designed and think about how to convey this in the form of animation
  • You do not need to make use of a lot of resources in the process of Logo Animation. Focus on making viewer want to see more and then reveal every element individually and clearly.
  • You don’t need to create a Logo Animation with longer duration. Preferred length is somewhere around 7-13 seconds
  • In general, most of the logo intros end with the logo on a black background. However, there are no specific rules, but if you want to keep your logo consistent with the industry, it’s a good idea
  • It is essential to use good sound quality as sound has a subtle influence on Animated Logos


Tools For Designing Animated Logos

The two most commonly used tools for Animated Logos are:-

  1. Apple Motion:- It is one of the well known Animated Logo Design Tools  for Mac OS X and is ideal for creating simple titling animations for your business needs or independent projects. Some of the cool features that it incorporates is 3D-compositing, vector painting and motion tracking.
  2. Adobe After Effects:- After Effects is a popularly used motion graphics software intended to be used for high-end motion graphics as well as post-production video effects. However, you must not dig into its complex features to get intimidated. You can simply use this  program on a smaller scale for basic 2D animations.


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