Importance of Design process for Designers

Aprajita Kushwaha | 3rd October 2019

The design process is a multi-stage process. It involves creative phase as non-creative phases. Apart from creative ability, graphic designers need to develop other skills such as observation, research, coordination and management, technical knowledge.

The design process is essential for a graphic designer, whether you are creating a website, creating a logo or creating any social media post.

Here are some steps you should follow when you are going to design something.

1:Design Brief-

Before beginning anything you just need to know exactly what client requirements and necessities. After collecting all the information you can get out of them such as to ask project-related questions, and most importantly know their goals or objectives.


The research will always save you lots of thinking time. This step is crucial don’t skip as some time spent on research will give you an advantage. Research is one of the important factor which gives deep direction to the designers, or user research consultants.


3: Sketching-

It’s time to give some structure to your project. Before moving into a software such as an illustrator Photoshop, create a few simple hand-drawn sketches of the layout.


4: Start Designing –

Now take your best idea and digitize it, either tracing over your illustrations or re-creating concepts on a computer to share it with the client.
Get busy with your design software and start creating many versions of your selected sketches. Creating many variations of the design will allow you to present options to the client so they can pick the most suitable design. Try mixing and matching color palettes, typographic pairings to create variation.


5: Presenting your Design-

Present your design in such way that your client get impressed instantly. Use mock-ups, which will help them visualize the overall result. Presenting a design efficaciously involves a great deal of confidence the key is to make your client believe that you are an expert in what you do so that they trust your designs and ideas.


6: Feedback-

Feedback is vital for Visual designers,  and other types of creative professionals, as it provides them with an alternative point of view, critique or advice that will help them improve their design work.


7: Final Design-

Once your project is approved by the client than you can submit your final design.


Conclusion –
The graphic design process will help you design better . Once established you don’t need to think about the next step each time.
Just follow your approach. Then you will be able to focus on the most important aspects.

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Aprajita Kushwaha

She is an experienced Graphic Designer and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia and Animation.Since childhood she was always attracted by the creative field which led her to choose it as her career path.

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