Are Designers Ready To Migrate To InVision Studio

Bharat | 6th August 2018

The World of digital designing has seen the latest shift in this diaspora from Photoshop to Sketch. It has significantly amended the way we are building the workflow of our design. Now the question arises, are designers ready to migrate to InVision Studio? The studio is the latest tool that every designer wants to know about. Created by the hardworking and dedicated team of InVision, Studio is the buzz amongst the designers today. In this blog, I am sharing features and importance of InVision Studio.

Importance Of InVision Studio :

Is the product as appropriate as it is shown?

Studio proclaims itself as the world’s most influential screen design tool. The advertising materials have done a great job of selling its smooth UI and unique characteristics, but now it’s the job of designers to prove that this product actually works. Mostly, designers use the Sketch tool for designing their screens. Sketch can do many things but if you wish to convert your design into prototypes which are clickable, then you required to shift to InVision Framer or use any other tool that will help you get the experience back to life.

Once a user has its animated prototype, the file becomes a dead end, it will become impossible for a user to put back that file into Sketch. Adobe XD was one of the first few tools which have tackled this problem, few years after the launch of Macaw and Webflow, this problem was pointed out.

With this thought that wireframe builds faster with Adobe XD, the all in one UI/UX solution for designing apps, websites and more. Consolidation has been found to be their most precious differentiator and proposition up until this tip.


Why a designer switches to InVision Studio from any renowned tool?

Performance – If a tool like InVision improves the workflow of a designer, then it will be a very obvious reason for a designer to switch to it. The sketch is plain, simple and has various software providers (and a designer has to pay for many memberships). InVision consists of the most appropriate functionalities as they claim in most of their advertorial campaigns, this reason is also an important one behind switching of users from sketch to InVision.

Cost – Cost of Sketch for students is around $50 instead of $100 per year for professionals. InVision Studio costs around $0 instead of $22 monthly and it does not only incorporate the substitute of Sketch but also a prototyping tool which makes the workflow of its users simpler and easier.

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