The Importance Of Being Organized As A Graphic Designer

Shubham Pachauri | 29th September 2017

Today we are living in an IT revolution era. New technologies are taking their shapes and reshaping
the designing landscape. We are seeing great competition among IT companies to maintain their leadership in
the market as tech experts. And, in that manner organizations are putting their efforts to make their
employees more efficient and productive. Now let’s specify this employee part. We are talking
about graphic designers. In order to be more productive, a designer generally starts losing his
creativity, which is the most precious thing for a designer. It makes him different from the other
minds. So, now the question is how to keep fuelling your creativity in such environment. Simply, become more organized than before,” it will help you anyway.

Let’s talk about them one by one:

Creating the overview of variable factors in a project:

Generally, when we try to work faster as a designer in a project, usually, we end up with multiple colors, different shades of the same colors, and multiple font styles. That’s definitely is not a smart way to work. Thus, avoiding such
disasters create all sets of variables before starting the work on projects.

Grouping and renaming layers properly:

Remember, when you have to work on some others designer’s PSDs, you may get frustrated while working on them because you have to make efforts trying to find every small object and layers. When we forget to organize
our work while working on graphics, it might be organized for us. But, when someone else works on that,
they will deal the same problem. So start organizing your PSDs from now because that
will save you lots of time in the future.

Keeping your files organized:

Have you ever found yourself in trouble finding the latest
updated PSD of your work? Frankly, I had a very bad habit of keeping files unorganized all
over my desktop, in different folders of my system. And it had wasted my precious time. However, now I keep my files more organized than before so that when I need to find
something urgently, I don’t have to waste the time on searching them. Now I know where I am keeping my files. This way by putting a small amount of time and presence of mind, you
can save lots of time for yourself.
These are the methods I use to organize my work in order to be more creative, efficient and productive for my organization.

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