Effective Steps to Improve Communication Between Designers and Developers

Neha Gupta | 16th July 2019

The work spheres of UX designers and developers are starkly different from each other. As a result, contradictions and disagreement in opinions between the design and development team are inevitable. On one hand providers of UI UX design services ideate and emphasize more on the design elements, shades, and graphics of a product. While on the other hand,  developers have to make sure that idea work seamlessly for a better experience. 


When a designer and developer work as a team, then the end user will have profit from the application. The application will be easy to use, look great and error-free.


For this result, I am sharing some tips on how we can improve communication between a designer and a developer.


  • Start with Empathy for one another

Try to understand the language code, the process, and the pain points. Designers and Developers will always need one another.  So, if both understand each other limitations and pain points then only we can create astonishing applications.


A designer should understand that his/her work can’t be seen live in a short interval, give proper time to the developer to code. Same goes with the developer, he/she shouldn’t always expect to change a design if needed.



  • Define clear workflow


Define communication channels, tools, collaboration sessions. When the project is smaller, things can be managed. And when the team is large, it becomes crucial that the right piece of information is delivered to the right person at the right time to make workflow seamlessly.


To ensure this we should create a list of deliverables each member would need and design a proper workflow channel so that every team member is clear and informed what is the target, timeline, deliverables are and stick to plan accordingly to avoid delay in timelines.



  • Include developers in the planning process


Running initial design ideas with developers, including them at kickoff will ensure that they can plan for the work the right way. They don’t need to give their imaginative ideas or go into detail of elements. This is just for making them understand the idea of the project and what is the desired result.


But what if developers aren’t at the same place as you? For that, we have many tools to communicate with the team members like Skype, slack or zoom. Connecting with them is really what it matters, through anyway out. This will help them to open up and led a productive meeting.



  • Ask developers for visual feedback


Developers are a great source of design feedback. They have knowledge of product or website that what can be done or can’t be done from a technical point of view.



  • A designer should have basic knowledge of programming language


Study CSS and HTML logic, this is not the job of a designer but at least if you know the basics/logic it is easier for you to communicate with developer well.


With expanding the measure of competition on how organizations work, it is significant that groups inside the association work flawlessly to have the option to give their customers the most ideal outcomes. Powerful cooperation among designers and developers incredibly builds the accomplishment of cross-functional teams in any Ui Ux design studio.

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Neha Gupta

Neha is an experienced UI/UX Designer. Also have hands-on Branding, both digital and printed. Worked on different projects including design of cryptocurrency exchange, mobile app, wireframes, and improved UX.

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