How You Can Improve The UX of Your E-Commerce Website

Anirudh Bhardwaj | 13th June 2018

Great UX of a website is an important aspect to be considered for its success. The first step in creating a magnificent user interface (UI) is to keep in mind the factors like usability, feasibility, intuitiveness and user experience to increase user engagement. If you are offering a good browsing experience to your website visitors, this will ultimately lead to a lower bounce rate and may bring a steep rise in conversions as well, depending on your USP of course. Great user experience also helps the website getting a higher number of visitors which becomes one of the important reason for getting a higher number of leads. Contrary to this, the users will tend to refrain from browsing your website if it doesn’t comply with the aforementioned factors such as if it’s complex and not user-friendly. Consequently, your bounce rate will increase and it would ultimately reduce the chances of conversion.

It is, therefore, the foremost responsibility of a UI designer to create a web UI in such a way that it aids in driving the user engagement and increasing the conversion rate. Here, I’ll tell you about some things you must keep in mind as a UI designer to create an interactive website design.

Factors To Improve The User Experience of An E-Commerce Website:

User Feedback Matters A Lot:

If you want to retain your users then, it’s crucial that you take feedbacks given by your users into consideration. If any of your users are complaining that a particular part of your website is confusing, you should take immediate steps to fix that up. The feedbacks can be easily collected and there are different ways you could do that. The best perhaps is to take help of your customer support team. The support team interacts with the users all the time and they can simply perform some UX Research by asking the users about their experience on the website. The data can be recorded and later analyzed to know what UX improvements should be made.

Guide Your Website Visitors:

Most of the users don’t even know about the specific features on your website. So even if you are offering some extraordinary features on your website, it doesn’t count unless your users use them. Thus, it’s important to guide your users and let them know of such features. For instance, let’s say you have a chatbot integration on your website. So the users can leverage the instant chat facility anytime they want. But the point is, “how to let them know of this feature?”

The best way is to add a special popup to your website with text like, “How may I help you?”, “Need Help?” and so on. You can set the time after which the popup will appear and you can also add it to a specific page of your website. “Contact Us” page would be a good choice in that case.

Improve Your Customer Service:

Amendments to your website won’t make a difference as long as you have a poor customer support service to offer. This would not only account for bad user feedbacks but would also tarnish your brand’s reputation in the market. Implementing chatbots and virtual assistants are out-and-out a great way to improve your support services which in turn helps you build healthy customer relations and ameliorates the user experience on your website.

Easy Navigation Is Crucial:

The usability of a website depends on how easily the users are able to navigate through different web pages. You may have experienced this yourself several times. How irritated we get when we don’t find what we are looking for on a website? That rings any bells, right? The first thing that should be taken into consideration is that while designing a website, it looks simple and user-friendly. Intuitive in the sense that users must be able to find the stuff they are looking for in few seconds. That’s why website navigation is a prime factor to keep in mind that also decides the fate of a website.

Last but not the least, you must work on reducing the loading time of the web-pages on your website. It hasn’t been hidden from anyone that the users tend to refrain from accessing the websites that take longer than usual to open. This is not good even from the SEO’s perspective. It is therefore recommended to work on the loading time of your website and keep it as low as possible.


As we know, UX plays an essential role in the success of a website. Important factors required to improve the UX of an e-commerce website are considering users feedback, improving customer experience, easy navigation of a website, and also awareness of each and every newly added features. These features are really important to give users a tremendous user experience. Here, at Oodles Studio we provide services for designing UI/UX of a website.

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