Most Influencing Web Design Tips For Startups To Succeed

Bharat | 19th June 2018

One of the crucial elements for a startup to taste success in this cutthroat competition in the online world is its website. Because it lets a wide array of the audience to know about your company and what it offers to them. Even gigantic companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Uber, and Twitter connect with their audiences virtually through their unique websites. However, we aren’t working in those big names, we need to run our website to its full potential so that it can fulfill our marketing needs as well. In one of my previously written blog, I have given some tips for designing business websites for startups. This blog reveals the topmost and influential web design tips for startups.

Web Design Tips For Startups To Keep In Mind When Designing A Website :

Preparing adaptive content:

People were facing usability problems while using the web for a long time. However, now efforts are being made to make websites easy to understand and work on various devices. A website of a startup must functions greatly if it’s from the tech space. Means each and every aspect of a startup’s website must deliver a pleasant experience to its users along with keeping the technical aspects together on the website.

Having international approach and use of social media platforms:

In today’s online era, a startup must have to be on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc and other prominent social media platforms. Being active on social media doesn’t mean only to have a company profile there. A startup has to grow on each social media platform if it wants to represent itself internationally. Social media pages created by an expert web design company help to get support for attracting potential customers. It’s a good idea to have your social media links in the footer so that it will be easy to stay connected with your potential customers on these platforms.

Keeping color scheme On-brand:

One of the crucial mistakes a startup does is not keeping consistency with chosen colors. First of all, it’s very important for you to choose correct colors to use on your website. You have to choose colors in such a way that people associate themselves with company’s brand image. If you are expanding your brand colors, it’s crucial to be careful while choosing colors.


For a startup, a website is really important because it shows what you do, your product line, services, etc. Also, a startup must have to pay attention to their website because it’ll help you them get new customers. Use of unique colors, website’s accessibility, social media pages are some of the important web design tips for startups to grow a business exponentially. The web design agency like Oodles Studio takes care of all these points and helps startups to grow their business.

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