Infographics:One Of The Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Saurabh Tiwary | 31st March 2016

Infographic For Social Media Marketing

Scrolling through your facebook news feed, your eyes catches up an advertisement of your favourite brand. Product appears to be fine and you dig in to discover more about it as it is something that you have been looking for a while. The image is linked to the merchant’s website and you follow the link and place the order. That’s pretty similar to how an infographic pick up the attention of the viewer.

Infographics are undoubtedly the best way to brief your product and portray them on social media websites for marketing your products on web. However, there has been a consistent debate in the past on whether infographics are beneficial for social media marketing or not, but most of the tech experts rank infographics as one of the primary marketing asset.


What are Infographic?

Infographics are the brief representation of any complicated subject by making use of text and graphics. It is something that easily defines and explains the fundamental concept behind a product or services. Infographics are very handy when it comes to explaining or portraying your product. Infographics play a key role in describing and advertising products that require any clarifications.


How Infographics Influence Social Media Marketing(SMM)?

One of the best strategies that is being practised in digital marketing is Social Media Marketing. Content, links and blogs are being shared on social websites like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn etc. to enhance the traffic of the website. However, post reach varies depending on how engaging or striking it is.


Nobody would take trouble to visit your website and look for the products and services offered by you unless it is out of the world. So, best practice is to seek the user’s attention from off-page sources, social media being one of them. Perhaps, there are countless approaches followed towards social media marketing, but one that seems very productive is to impose on infographics content.


Several advantages of including infographics in social media marketing is that it is very eye-catching and quickly grabs user’s attention. Being a facebook user, I personally give much importance to the graphical stuff instead of reading long texts by clicking on  “Read More” icon. Since graphical materials have more impact on the viewer compared to the text, so is the impact of infographic over other texts.   

It is also important to create an appropriate infographic for the purpose of SMM as the infographic that is being used on website might not be suitable for social media sharing.

There are certain things to keep in mind before creating an infographic for the Social Media.

  • Not only the content, but the preference should also be given on an appealing design
  • Try to relate the infographic design with real-world applications
  • Be precise with your information and try to highlight the points that are interesting to go through
  • From the graphics point of view, light color is well suited compared to dark ones
  • Include your company’s branding and logo in the infographic

We, at Oodles Studio deal in all sorts of designing tasks intended either for website or mobile apps UI design. We also provide our clients with interactive graphic related content like 2D or 3D infographics etc. i.e. essential in marketing their product.

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