How to Create Interactive Logo for Brand Design?

Saurabh Tiwary | 7th March 2017

The logo is a primary design asset for brands. It plays a vital role in establishing a brand’s identity. Nevertheless, the idea of designing a creative logo is limitless. The art work that goes into designing an interactive logo is immeasurable.

Designing an interactive logo can be a huge challenge for some considering the fickling needs of the organizations. Unlike other concepts, there are no hard and fast rules for logo design, however, designers must abide by several design constraints.

Interactive Logo and Brand Design

Designing an out of the box logo requires design skills, creative theory and smart application of ideas. Although any designer can create a fit-for-purpose logo, but mastering the art of logo takes time.

In this article, I will be sharing some of the most effective ideas for coming up with an interactive logo design which is suitable for business applications.

Make it Simple and Unique

Yes, it needs to be simple and interpret-able. Some logos do not even require a tag line or the brand’s name. But, when you look at it, you instantly recognize it. Check out the logo design below. Just a symbol specifies that it is “Nike”.

Interactive Logo Nike

Moreover, simple logo designs are flexible as it can be used on sign-boards websites etc. Also, if your logo design is unique, users will not be confused about the brand identity. That;s what we call simple and unique.
A complicated logo design is hard to identify and is not engaging for the audience. You don’t need to write all the information about your company in the logo.


Consider Users of Every Interest

In every aspect, flexibility is the most desirable aspect. Talking about the logo design, designers need to be dynamic and not static. Limiting the design modifications only leads to compromise in improvement and innovation.

A good logo has to be dynamic to be used for various applications. This does not mean that you will be modifying it every now and then, but it should be flexible. To know more about flexible logos, you can read this article.

Does Your Logo Pass Piccolino Test?

Companies often expect their logo to reach to diverse users and must be interactive in nature. So, it is likely that the audience might possess different types of tastes and preferences.


Try to make it Versatile

A versatile logo is likely to go a long way. You must have come across the different colored logos of Apple. Even in different colors, one is able to recognize the brand through Apple’s identity. A versatile logo can also be defined as the one that looks great on posters, coffee mugs, websites etc.

Interactive Logo Apple
Do not make your logo depend on colors. Design it in such a way that even when you apply multiple colors to create different forms, it should leave the same impact as the main.

An Interactive Logo Tells a Story

A good logo is one that has a message. It’s not that you need to use long text to show your message. Ideally, a logo has to deliver two messages:

  • The Actual Meaning
  • The Hidden Meaning

Generally, clients will ask you for a cool and out of the box logo design.So, you need to show your clients that the logo you have designed is not usual, it’s a unique piece of artwork and consists of deep meaning and meticulous ideology. This way, they will surely love it even if it is a simple one.

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