How To Use Invisible Design In Your Website?

Saurabh Tiwary | 4th October 2016

The Web and graphic design are not  about carrying out your art aggressively. It is subtle, usable; and in general, undefinable. More often, a good website development or design is often invisible. That’s why we call it invisible design.

To be precise, an invisible design is not about adding multiple layers or  hidden meanings to projects. It’s about creating user centered projects that work functionally and looks appealing.

If you are decorating the canvas, you are probably over-designing. The design that really makes a project work is called invisible.

But our primary concern is “how you achieve that invisible design”? As we know, the web and graphic design is a quite visual tool.

invisible design

Whenever you create a website or a mobile application, you design for some type of communication. The goal of your design needs to support the message. However, while incorporating invisible design, the focus must be on achieving the objective of the design with no aggressive approach, instead, minimal approach.

When we talk about invisible design, Micro typography is of prime importance.  Some of the elements that contribute to this design form are Invisible products and placements such as brands or advertising.

Some other Invisible components are interactions and notifications that happen frequently when you perform an action or task without thinking about it.  Invisible aesthetics tend to create an emotional connection with users, making it more engaging for users.


Invisible Design Practices

Invisible aesthetics are the basic components of design theory. To be specific, it is not a cool new UX feature. It is an effective application of text, color, typography, images and techniques to deliver a message. Let’s look it through some of the design perspectives.


Text And language

The text and the words used to convey a tone and emotional response matter a lot. Make use of language that communicates and let the user feel the design. Some of the considerations are the rhythm of the words, and how they sound when you read them out.



Color plays a crucial role in every design. An effective color combination can bring a feel to your design. With some emotional and cultural considerations, the choice of the colors may vary. Be careful with color palettes that you select as it helps users perform specific actions.

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Typefaces are very powerful font options that have specific meanings of their own. Be it sans serifs that take on the meanings of their surroundings or complex blackletter styles, whatever type of letterform you select, it conveys a specific feel. If unsure, it is safe to put your hands on with sans serifs or simple serifs that have uniform stroke widths.

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The Bottom Line

The objective of invisible design is to take minimalist design to the next level. In the development of a website or setting its aesthetics of design, an invisible design has a lot of significance. The design practice includes effective color mixes, micro typography applications as well as consistent text with more visuals.

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