iOS 10 Is Likely To Influence The Web Design Style

Saurabh Tiwary | 1st November 2016

The all new iOS 10 is here. With the introduction of its new OS, Apple has shown a significant shift getting away from the previous design language. Instead of the old thin and light typography, we now see a heavy, large and bold titles. In the new mobile UX designs, we are seeing a substantial shift from edge interface elements towards a more card-based user interface for mobile apps. As a result, there also exists challenges for UI designers to come up with a solid wireframe design for the new apps.

iOS 10 Web Design Style

The iOS 10 has now introduced Gentler visual effects; the first use of depth on the OS platform after iOS 6. Also, animation and interaction seems to more refined and subtle. This is likely to help designers by providing more room to apply flash contents in the app design.

The Influence of iOS 10 On The Web Design

Apple has not only determined a significant part of the design on the mobile but also on the web. One can’t deny its influence on the website designs. A significant drift in the design pattern was seen back when iOS 7 was introduced. At the same time, Google introduced Material Design Principles for all the Android apps design.

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In the new refined update of Apple, the obvious design changes have influenced the web design trends to a large extent. Let us explore some of those major changes to have an impact on the web.

Large And Vigorous Typography

The new update looks forward to starting up with a trend of large and bold typography applications for mobiles. The light and thin typography is no more a part of the app design. In order to make an interface more friendly, the focus is more on the visual elements and less on the content shown.

These changes might drive thinner font-weights on the web towards a bold, visual style titles, headlines, introductions, and other crucial typographic elements. As a result, websites will look more appealing with improved user experience and more legible typography.

Subtle Application Of Visual Effects

The new iOS 10 tends to get rid of flat design applications introduced in iOS 7 with more emphasis on depth and element contrast. It is likely to provide a better separation between the design elements and a far better visual experience without complicating the design patterns.

Google’s Material guidelines might be the main reason as Apple now looks to refine its current design with a more appealing visual design approach.

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Card Style User Interface

While Apple used edge-to-edge elements in their iOS mobile interface, the new UX trend has shifted towards the application of Card layouts in components viz. menus, notifications etc.

It is likely to provide an enhanced visual experience with more depth and separation of elements. Throughout iOS 10 design, Apple has provided room for more space into the interface. Earlier versions looked more crowded with content and less room for elements to breathe.

Reduced Animation

In iOS 10, we see there is a gradual decline in the use of animation. The introduction of interaction and animations with less movement and intense zooming in and out are the major changes. This change boosts the experience by making it quicker, more pleasurable and a lot more easy on the eye.

We anticipate that this brings about some changes on the web getting rid of exaggerated stuff, and more refined animations. This will ensure greater usability and quick interaction.


The mobile app design and the UI components that Apple makes use of is often a catchy part in the web design industry. Since the tech giant has a large user base with millions of iOS users across the globe, it is obvious for design enthusiasts and the UI design companies to go behind the latest-in-trend applications by Apple to introduce in their own design.

The set standards by Apple are also the major considerations in mobile app wireframe design as well. Apparently, the trend of large typography applications and card layouts are two most influencing components that are now part of the Apple iOS 10.

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