IOS Design Patterns To Inspire Designers

Bharat | 23rd August 2018

Android and iOS are the two prime mobile application platforms, former use Material Design while the latter one uses Human Interface Design, application designers mainly, when designing a mobile application, normally should opt between Android and iOS first. When a designer is designing for iOS, it must feel great if their product has the possibility to rank high amid the huge competition. Here, I have mentioned few iOS design patterns to inspire designers.

iOS Design Patterns To Inspire Designers

Triibe App

This tool is for creative and DIY people. Triibe has its own fraternity, it is created for design specific people. A basic, visual process to exhibit your handiwork and learn from a creative fraternity. Home, fashion, cooking etc. On Triibe even smaller ideas are appreciated.

Features –

Your Images look tremendous by using editing tools and special filters.

Image zoom feature authorizes you to zoom an image by just tapping on it.

Comment reporting feature lets you flag any unsuitable or aggressive comment by just pressing the icon. Share option feature.


Design Events Near You

This application is designed by a professional designer, Johny Vino from India. ‘Design Events Near You’ is an application used for exploring forthcoming local design events near you, with all sorts of outdoor activities in your area and neighboring places, it also helps you get the fascinating event recommendations, events bookmarking, etc. It has an impressive mobile UX and outstanding UI.

Features –
  • A user can filter events by tagging them.
  • Collection of illustrations displaying distinct scenes are alluring and amusing.
  • Outstanding interactions with distinct elements are tremendous.
  • Featured buttons, available options, and photos are animated and bright.
City App

City App is a local iOS app template for the city guiding solutions letting them know about the amazing places in the city with their description. Augmented Reality Technology is executed for looking at a place from the user location with the help of a camera, which is trendy and beneficial. Admin Backend is linked to managing places data, a user can delete, edit, and update data.

  • Linked with firebase verification, firebase crash reporting, and firebase database.
  • Offline and online mode support.
  • Maps data support
  • Augmented reality-based locations.
  • Image cropper, picker,  and uploader.



These templates are a great help while creating iOS applications. A user can get ideas and motivations from these templates. One can get to know what’s the flavor of the season? What are the features users are looking for? But with the help of iOS design patterns, one can provide great UX to its users. 

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