5 Hidden Features of iOS 9 You Must Explore

Saurabh Tiwary | 9th August 2016

Apple’s iOS is well-known for delighting its users with new intuitive features in every update. However, a number of features are left unexplored by the mobile designers that must be considered while carrying out any mobile apps design. Here I list some really cool features of iOS 9 that every iOS as well  Mobile Apps Designer should care about.

iOS 9

Unexplored Features of iOS 9

1) Battery widget

The new version of iOS has added a new built-in Notification Center widget. The battery widget now displays the remaining battery of your iPhone and of any connected Apple devices such as the Apple Watch. You can just tap the Edit button on the Notification Center to add this.

2) Search in Settings

Both iPhone and iPad have the bulk of Setting options than ever. Moreover, it’s easier to figure out the proper settings as well. A search field can be found at the top of the Settings app. Users can type in the name of the Settings they want to modify and it appears in the result.

3) Find My Friends widget

Till the time iOS 9 was not into the market, both Find My Friends and Find My iPhone widget were required to be downloaded and installed. But iOS 9 has bundled both these features into the OS. Apart from this, Find My Friends also has a new widget that lets you track your friends directly from the Notification Center.

4) Zoom in on videos

You can now zoom in and out a video while it is being played. iOS 9 allows you to simply use the normal pinch to zoom for a video to zoom. It can be handy for looking into the details of High Definition videos. A designer should also consider it in motion graphics applications.

5) Larger folders on the iPad

The new iOS 9 app design allows adding more number of mobile apps to a single folder. Now you can cram more number of apps to the folder on the iPad’s home screen. In the previous version, a folder on a page could contain 3X3 i.e. a total of 135 applications while new update allows 4X4 apps i.e. a total of 240 apps per page.

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