Things you need to know about Flat Design

Sukhmani Kaur | 27th September 2018

Bright colors, typography-bold, and minimalism are trending web designs. These things are not going out-date soon. In fact, flat designs have eye-catching website owners, theme developer and graphic designers hopping on the materialistic design. It emphasizes usability, open space, clean interface, flat design. All these things lend a way to please an aesthetic way to the website. It gives the way for a unique new look, personalizing the brand. It minimizes the need for unnecessarily ‘fluff’ of 3D skeuomorphic web design. To know about the trendy design for a website, check out some of the things about flat design.

Flat design is a unique concept but requires basic understanding before usage. It works well with websites’ tools and gives feel to create a good user experience. That is why it is necessary to learn the key concept of flat design. It is very crucial to utilize it correctly and draw advantage from it potentially.

1. Lack of Depth-
Now, drop shadow, strokes, bevels, gradients are not much used to create real-world shapes. Earlier all web designs focused to initiate real-working objects. They used textures and color to add depth. Apple released this in iOS and caught people start to enjoy this trendy way.

2. Minimalism-
The website utilizes a flat design concept for their simplistic, minimal, and clean layout. The earlier design used to be like flashy designs with vibrant color palettes. But now graphic designers use movement, depth, and visual appeal before using basic line structure and bright color.

3. Typography-
Material design lacks strong elements of 3D skeuomorphic design, we ourselves can add bold typography to enhance the overall look of the webpage. It will bring visual enhancement that can easily be likable for the view.

4.Visual Hierarchy-
Material design exhibits designing elements in 2D l, the only way to differentiate between UI elements is to use a bold color scheme in light and dark variants. As using contrasting font styles, size and muted background environment combination can share readers way out easily. It is important to note design elements rarely intersect each other. We need to switch between color scheme and box content to give the appearance somewhat real and usable.

Quick Tips of Flat design-
– Make sure elements are visible and clear.
– Allow for sufficient color contrast and size.
– Employ a clear and clean hierarchy of importance.
– Make sure content is readily seen.
– Ensure easy navigation by focusing on color, text, shape, and motion.

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