All you need to know about Motion Graphics

Saurabh Tiwary | 10th March 2016

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is a technique used by graphic designers which make use of static images, sounds or videos that gives illustration of moving objects. It is a combination of words, animation, videos and graphic design. The design part in Motion Graphic may contain creative elements of design like typography, illustration, logos, shapes and video content. They are  combined together in a sequence to form animation or moved in such a way that it conveys a complete story. A beautiful Motion Graphics is based on  smart idea, imagination and creativity of the designer.


Why Motion Graphics are gaining popularity?


Animation is one of the most effective way to interact with your audience. Since animation technology has witnessed huge popularity in the recent days, its application in various industries has increased significantly. Most of the filmmaker and TV advertisement companies have come up from the endless flexibility of animation media. Various extensibility features and vast design options in 2D as well as 3D are other basis for Motion Graphics Applications.


  • Though motion graphics videos require skills, but at the same time it can save huge amount investment for shooting visuals with cast, crew and use of modern expensive equipments. So, comparatively it is a very cost-effective method of video production in entertainment  industry as well as a savvy part of marketing strategies.


  • It has the advantage that it ingests complicated ideas or procedure and make them easily digestible in a graphical representation making it a delightful learning scheme. Even uninteresting stuff become engaging when they are accompanied by motion pictures.


  • When things are visualized by making use of motion pictures and sounds, it becomes susceptible to get familiarize with the subject. And hence, by making use of motion graphics, it is convenient to put up a sound impression on the viewer.


  • A good practice is to relate stuffs with life. By doing so, it gets attached to the emotion, ideas and the concept appear more lively and impressive.


  • Motion graphics have the potential of exhilarating the look of any product. One can use them to add modern designs and dynamically improve upon a faded up picture.


Tools that are mostly used for Creating Motion Graphics


After Effects or AE is one of  the best known program for motion graphics design. It can be used to animate, modify and composite media in 2D and 3D. In After Effects, 2D designs generated in a program like Illustrator can be used, animated and manipulated to create a motion graphics stuff. Since After Effects is created by Adobe, it has got a lot of similarities and other integration facilities with other adobe softwares. Apart from this, you can work with 2D elements within After Effects, however it is possible to work with 3D elements as well. Various Objects and components from well known 3D applications can be utilized directly as footage part inside AE. Some other resources used in Motion Graphics are:-


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Cinema 4D
  • Red Giant Software
  • Mograph (Forum)
  • Vfxer
  • Greyscale Gorilla
  • Aescripts+Aeplugins



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