Everything You Want To Know About Overflow Diagramming Tool

Bharat | 14th September 2018

Spinning your designs into expressive user flow diagrams is an inconvenience. Whether you are using Photoshop, Sketch or any other designing tool, it needs lots of efforts to merge your screens together with connectors in order to represent the flow of your website or application. The complete process is shattered, taking much time to accomplish and becomes even more intimidating when you require to keep your design flows up to date with your design related amendments. In this blog, I am going to tell you everything about Overflow diagramming tool.

Designing the finest user flow for a product is certainly not an easygoing job. It takes multiple reiterations before making it correct. Developing and improving user flow diagrams has mainly been considered a nasty procedure for designers, with many of them leaving it completely because of this.

Everything About Overflow Diagramming Tool

Creating user flows in minutes

Creating user flow diagrams with the help of Overflow tool is a very speedy but entertaining experience. You can associate and synchronize Overflow with your most-favored design tool, sustaining all your artboards, and layers. Simply pull magnets to make connectors, add shapes, images, and texts to enhance your presentation. Customizing the looks by using themes and style to construct a completely custom-branded presentation that suits your audience and designs.

Presenting your designs

By using overflow, presenting your design will forever make you look good. You can showcase your designs to your audience, with an inventive flow presentation, navigating through your complete flow using arrow keys or by clicking directly on the connectors. Showcasing the large picture having a bird’s eye view of your flow, or zoom in to focus on specified details. If you wish to represent your flow screen you can simply shift to the extraordinary fast prototype mode.

Share for Suggestions and Feedbacks

Sharing your user flow pictures on Overflow Cloud and then giving your audience an amazing experience on mobile or web browser. Export in PNG, PDF, and printing your user flows and stick them on walls.



Portraying user flows to investors and truly getting them to apprehend and complying with the user’s journey might truly be the most difficult part. Overflow diagramming tool helps you do absolutely that. It strengthens you to impactfully communicate your work, while fully involving your audience with an innovative user flow presentation. This tool is the real help for users as it helps them create fast prototypes, and tell their stories behind their designs.

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