Top Notch UI Design Trends A Designer Must Follow

Bharat | 18th July 2018

UI design is a very important aspect of the design process as it is responsible for creating a good first impression on a visitor or a potential customer. A company is at a risk of losing its customers if the customers don’t like their app at a first glance. It’s exactly the very first thing a user notices even before connecting with a product. As per Google reports, more than 26% of all the apps that are installed are not used more than once. The prime reason for this is a poorly designed user interface for user engagement. User interfaces are not only planned to fulfill users’ artistic requirements but it also supports them with the top level usability. In this blog, I have shared some of the latest UI design trends.


Latest UI Design Trends of 2018 A Designer Must Follow:

By using affect mood:

Various reports have shown that colors have a huge impact on our mood. This way, a color palette can make our users angry while another one can make them happy. Our major task is to make our users happy and feel the euphony when they see our UI design. A design that visually looks tremendous plays a part in more appropriate user engagement and keeps their awareness for a long time.

Creating faith:

Magnificent-looking, great designs quickly gain a user’s trust. It’s a matter of unconsciousness that reveals if a company pays assistance, the looks of its mobile app or website, services and products are also good.

Making a user-friendly app:

The prime task of the designer is to create a clear and completely ordered interface that would be easy to handle. They also minimize the requirement of human actions which in turn saves the precious time of users and make the websites and apps user-friendly.

Smooth Interface:

The motive is that the content should be placed on a single page and it must be loaded without any switch when a user clicks on it. By this, a user simply doesn’t leave the prime page because all the data is pulled to it.

Use of Typography:

Major headlines and large-headed fonts in a combination with even animations are the trending flavors of this year. If a designer uses this trend for a website, the website will look eye-catching even in the absence of content. It’s because the typography can anyhow swap the content and it looks out of the box.

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