Latest UX Design Trends to Make Better User Experience

Anuj Bisht | 24th January 2018

2016 brought some immense modernizations to user experience – from anticipatory design to personalization. With this advancement of designing technologies there is a great responsibility on 2017. What will UX designs brings in this year to make more user friendly designs?
Raffaela Rein, CEO and Co-Founder of online UX design school, says,” For me, the growing area of UX is an opportunity for a complete mindset shift for companies: Away from selling products, towards selling experiences”.
There must be a question in your mind that what is user experience, right? Than here is your answer, User experience or you known in better by UX are how an individual feels while interfacing with the system. System could be a website, an application or some software in short we can call it human- computer interaction or HCI.
Here are some important UX design trends to make better user experience:
Time saving design: You need to consider the fact that your design must be time saving for the users which allow users to take just one action at a time. And it is possible with increasing technologies in the area of Chatbots through which you can find more interesting way to make time-saving designs.
Metrics beyond the interface: Customary techniques of measuring user experience includes how much time a user spends on a site, where they move, or from where they make a purchase or action a website’s owner wants from their visitors . Nowadays as digital field is growing so fast it becomes easy for businesses to track more experience based on metrics to track the engagement impact.
Management Practices: In 2016, many companies have noticed the benefits in their products and services by UX designing. But In 2017, It is become important factor not only for clients or businesses also for UX designers by its continuously increasing demand in market.

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I am an experienced UI/UX designer, Responsible for creating the sketch, wireframe, prototype, and visual mockups. apart from that, I like traveling and singing.

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