Advantages of Lightroom Over Photoshop

Neeraj Charaya | 19th April 2017

For a longer times, Adobe Photoshop is well-known as the king for image editing softwares. The term photoshop has worked into its way in the language of popular culture as people of any part knows that Photoshop relates to something image altering software. But what about the image based Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom vs Photoshop

Lightroom is an image management and editing software of Adobe, the same folks who created the Photoshop. Using Lightroom photographers are able to work on importing images to sorting and organization, to processing and finally all its way to export it on web. It’s a software designed specifically for working on large quantities of images.

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Advantages of Lightroom over Adobe Photoshop:

  • It helps in processing raw files more easily than Photoshop by doing adjustments to settings like contrast, exposure, saturation. You can also perform sharpening, noise reduction, crop, adding vignettes and burning effect with the adjustment brush.
  • It covers nearly all steps for post production process like importing images and then selecting to getting it all sorted, tagging with appropriate keywords, organizing collections, performing raw processing and creating slide shows, print photos, create web galleries and even you can share on Facebook and Flickr directly.
  • It is a non destructive kind of software as it does not harm the original file whether you edit RAW files or JPEGS. When you do any adjustment in an image is what actually you are doing is creating a list of instructions for Lightroom for saving a copy. So you don’t have to fear if you accidentally save a file over your original one.
  • Lightroom has presents same as like an actions in Photoshop. The difference is that instead of saving all steps to get an image processed (actions in Photoshop), Lightroom presets records all the adjustment sliders that are to be configured.
  • Lightroom is more affordable than photoshop and weighs in at $299 which is still significant price tag.

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