Logo Design- Commonly Used Terms and References

Saurabh Tiwary | 13th December 2016

Logo is one of the most crucial elements in brand and identity design. Small, yet very effective component that represents your company or organisation in a very intuitive manner. Since professional logo is the prime need of every organisation, here, I will be discussing with you some of the commonly used terms that are associated to logo and brand identity design.

Logo Design- Terms and References
Abstract Logo- The non-figurative logo, something which is not recognizable. This term is often used in a broader sense to include logos where a recognizable object is used in a seemingly distinct way. For an example, the use of icons on various objects. These type of logos are known for their adaptability.

Abstract Logo

Animation/Animated Logo- These types of logos make use of motion graphics to provide a movement to the existing design. These are getting popular as the new trends of logos.

Brand- A brand may refer to something that is beyond the company logo. It is the sum of the images, qualities and trust associated with the company. It takes a long time to build a brand.


Business Logo Design- The term business logo design aims to create logos for the purpose of enhancing the overall appearance of a business and services. It is slightly different from the usual logo where corporate identity does not matter.

Corporate Identity- The logo acts as a central element of the corporate identity. A corporate identity may consist a logo, the consistent design and style guidelines for their use.

Dynamic Logos- Dynamic logos may change from time to time. These often use strong central theme or character to create many variations to the current design. For an example, the multiple forms of Apple Logo.

Dynamic Logo
Kerning- The space between the letters in logos is referred to as kerning. Large gaps are called Loose Kernings while small gaps are called tight kerning.

Mascot Logo- Mascot logos are those logos with a mascot figure or character that specifies the name of the company or a brand. More often, Mascot logos cost higher than the usual logo design as it demands efficient use of iconography and the text.

Mascot Logos
Negative Space- Negative space is the unused white space being shown through a logo. Basically, this is not the unused space, it is the area that the designer leave to achieve some logo design objectives.

Neagtive Space
Online Logo Design- In this approach, the logo design project can be carried out through online communication without actually visiting the designers. There are several advantages to this approach as you can often find a good deal among different logo designers.

Slogan- While designing some logos, adding a bit of catchy phrase might be useful. For an example, the Nike logo is accompanied by a slogan “Just Do It”.


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    Richard Salzman says:
    December 14, 2016 at 6:48 am

    So smart to mention kerning, but wouldn’t it also be worth mention leading as well?

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