Logo Design Guide For Responsive Websites

The effectiveness of responsive website has brought some major changes in website design. As a result, we need to implement a new approach of logo designing which is responsive logo design. Logo is one of the most crucial design elements for the organizations that give priority to their trademark and brand identity. Professional Logos Design Services make ass load efforts to come up with a unique logo design. Logos that were designed past ten years may not serve the purpose of today’s design. In those days, these were primarily been used for the print media or static advertisements. However, going through the present scenario, it is obvious to conclude that professional logo has seen numerous applications in different media and  undoubtedly, serve as a fundamental component of design projects.Logo Design

Such diverse application of logos lead us to conclude that logos that we design today must be versatile and flexible to be working on various platforms. So, going forward, we shall explore some of the approaches towards logo design that have been made by some leading companies over time.

Popular Logo Design


If you look carefully at the well-known logo of the search engine giant Google, it has come across few major changes in its design over years and the one they have recently updated is very responsive. Take a look at this image below.


For various applications, Google has designed their own icon that serves their purpose as a versatile icon for various applications in their apps


Another example of responsive logo is the Twitter’s evolving logo design. Twitter’s bird icon in its logo has come across several changes and over time, they decided to make use of the material design as Twitter became popular and was not only limited to just a desktop’s website.

Twiiter Responsive Logo

Style And Branding Guide:-

Logos are small yet large with their impact. In responsive logo design, they are counted as a major assets from the branding point of view. Most of the time, design includes considering brand type and its related products. In certain cases, logos are shrunk to fit into the available space. This approach holds good only when the design is rectangular, or round. But in several other cases, when the logo is not uniform, simply reducing its size might not help as it would not allow every part of the logo to be actually visible. And here comes the need of a responsive logo design. A responsive logo is well-designed to be used in a number of applications and is clearly visible on various devices having same visual impact.

That is why, modern web design demands a professional and responsive logo for flawless designing and diverse applications. Oodles Studio is one of the leading professional logo and website design companies with technical expertise in various designing areas including Professional Video Animation Design etc. Our designers aim to deliver our clients with best in class and cost-effective designing services  based on the client’s requirement.

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