Common Mistakes Made By The Logo Designers

Anirudh Bhardwaj | 26th June 2018

The importance of logo design hasn’t been hidden from anyone. It defines the real nature of a company and has a huge impact on building up its reputation in the market. The logo makes the first impression of your company on the audience and the potential customers. No matter how good your services are or how vast your USP is, you won’t be attracting as many customers if the logo of your company is poorly designed. So it is always recommended to hire skilled logo designers for this job. Because skilled logo designer can give an extraordinary experience to its clients which helps the company grow in the market.

Well, the thing is, even the most experienced designers may find it hard to design a perfect logo for your brand. There are many things to keep in mind while designing an ideal logo for a company. In this blog, we have listed some common mistakes to avoid while designing a logo.

Very Common Errors Done By Logo Designers:

Use of Typefaces:

A Typeface is a set of fonts including an array of different types of characters, alphabets, and numbers. The use of Typefaces is a very crucial aspect of logo design. An effective use of Typefaces can spruce up your logo design while at the same time, it can also degrade the same and undermine your brand value when not used correctly. The real proficiency of a logo designer is up to the way he/she makes use of the Typefaces. Obviously, you need to avoid the excessive use of Typefaces in a logo design. The Typefaces should use in such a way that it explicitly defines the message of the brand.  

Bad Color Selection:

Color selection has a significant role to play in finalizing the appearance of a logo. The correct use of colors in a logo instantly grabs the attention of the viewers. But the use of too many colors makes it look brash and swanky. Color selection is where most of the designers fail to impress the audience. That’s because it more or less depends on the designer’s perspective of visual aesthetics and his thought process.


A logo can look attractive to a fraction of viewers while it may appear ugly and uninteresting to the others. As a logo designer, you should always choose colors that are bright and clearly visible even from a great distance. Obviously, you don’t want to choose the colors that are so light that they look invisible from afar. For this, it’s essential to understand the psychology behind colors which lets a designer choose correct colors for the logo. The best approach is to first check the logo in grayscale. And then try different colors and select the ones that look visually stunning and more appealing.

Use of Raster Images:

A Raster Image is a dot-matrix data structure which is made up of a number of tiny square-shaped pixels observable when zoomed on a display system. The use of raster images in a logo is not a bad option. But problems arise while scaling the raster graphics to the desired size. Scaling these images to different sizes may affect the picture quality. The image may pixelate when it’s stretched to a larger size or it may get blurred, giving a poor finish to the logo. Therefore, it is always recommended to use the vector graphics instead of raster images as it doesn’t have a major impact on the image quality while scaling.


This is what every logo designer should avoid. The logo should be entirely unique and original as it has to represent a company name in the best possible light. So, a designer has to design a logo with lots of patience and hard-work. If you are stealing the work of others, it not only affects the reputation of your company but you may also land yourself into serious legal troubles.


A logo is the first thing which a customer notices. And if a logo is designed perfectly, then it will become a game changer for that company. But if a logo is not designed well or designer is making some mistakes, then it will also ruin company’s image. Excess use of typefaces, raster images, copied logos and poor color selection are some mistakes done by logo designers which can affect the image of the company.

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