How To Maintain The Workflow Of A Website Design?

Anuj Bisht | 9th March 2018

Before I start with my Blog I like to introduce myself I am a UI/UX designer so I know the problems which you will face while designing the website that is workflow which is very important part of the website.



A good and perfect approach should be required in this, so the best way to start with the flow and the flow is like first you have to draw your imagination in the paper and then start working in the system or you can say in your machine.


Once you have done with your drawing part start with the flow of website, sometimes you will be stuck in the middle of the design your mind will change and lot more thing will happen because of designing and workflow in all about imagination.


Sometimes what you think and when it created will not the same which you think and imagine so don’t be panic just do one thing ignore that particular thing for the time being and go ahead with the design this is the best way to design.


Sometimes it happens your eyes saw’s the same design or working on same design or concept so it’s better to go with next design or next screen of the website when you work in this way then it will help you a lot to design the flow easily and perfectly.


As per my experience, this is the good habit for all the UI/UX designers. As per the design concept make it like dark and light alternate concept if one section is dark then the other section should be in the light shade so that when u look the design. It will not look similar when you scroll the design so this approach is also good for all the designers.


That’s my experience if you can implement or add something to it that will be great and help you a lot and for your self-growth. I hope you will like this thank you so much take care.      



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Anuj Bisht

I am an experienced UI/UX designer, Responsible for creating the sketch, wireframe, prototype, and visual mockups. apart from that, I like traveling and singing.

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