How To Make An Ecommerce Website Wireframe Design

Bharat | 11th July 2018

The wireframe of a website is a visual design model which showcases texts, vertices, and boxes. It will help you get a rough idea about the topics and its content i.e which stuff is going to be placed on which portion of the page. It also helps you plan the structure of the content as per the requirement of the user. A wireframe is a simple and easier visual concept of an upcoming website. It doesn’t give any idea of the design process but it helps you in understanding how the website will work. Moreover, it’s also very cost effective and it’s pretty easy to amend and remove things from a wireframe than a website. In one of my previous blogs, I have mentioned some easy to use and free wireframe tools. This blog reveals how you can make an ecommerce website wireframe design.

Tips To Make A Wireframe For An Amazing ECommerce Website:

The format of a website:

The first thing that you must be aware of while creating a wireframe for an ECommerce webpage is its format. The format of a webpage incorporates 3 major parts, they are heading at the top, body, and footer. One more important thing where you have to focus is where your design is going to be displayed, on a mobile screen, desktop or tablet. Various size of the screens impacts how it showcases the content on the screen. As a computer screen is bigger than the tablets and phones. Generally, 12 grid columns are used for the computer screen, 8 grid columns for the tablets, and 4 grid columns for the mobile phones.

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Correct showcasing of the base stuff:

If a designer has to design a website for its client, he has to be fully aware of the basic structure of the website which a user is demanding. Ecommerce website wireframe design or a fashion brand should be designed in an attractive and beautiful manner. It must focus on the headings, promotions, some hot selling products, and the fashion blogs.

Use of Lo-Fi wireframe:

If your idea is still spinning in your brain, it may get hundreds of modifications. There are also chances that you get more ideas too, but better is not to combine them together. The best way is to sketch your ideas. Just draw them roughly on a paper because this small and simple step helps you save your lots of time. From the sketch, it will become easier to draw its wireframe and then a designer can do modifications on the wireframe.



Creation of a wireframe is always considered a great idea because it saves a lot of time and money for the designing company and client as well. Oodles Studio, an expert company in wireframe designing, helps its clients in making tremendous ECommerce websites. Use of correct format of a website, by taking care of its top, body, and footer, correct showcasing of the base stuff of a website, and use of a Lo-fi wireframe before wireframe are some of the tips to create an ecommerce website wireframe design.

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