How can Micro-Interaction be used to Boost Mobile UX Design?

Micro-interactions are great tools for Mobile UX Designers. Interactive animations that you find in an app interface is micro-interaction that makes the appearance more appealing.

Micro-interaction through animation can have several advantages.

  • Display Current Status and Feedback
  • Helps Manipulation and Enhances Visualization
  • Help display the outcomes of the User Action
  • Delights users with subtle motion



When we talk about the mobile UX, the major challenge is to understand the users and how they feel while exploring the every section of the design. The micro-interaction feature supports the fact that every minute component of the design is crucial and contributes to the UX.


Micro-interaction is a great way through which users are provided with the feedback and a clear understanding of the ongoing processes. This intuitive component makes an interface approachable keeping aside the complex logics inside it.

Here, I list out some of the most effective ways to help you achieve a functional mobile UX using Micro-Interaction.

Display System Status

As per the Usability Principle, the designers must keep their users informed about what is going on. Every user loves being updated immediately about the ongoing process.

Keeping this in mind do not let users feel that they are carrying out a tedious task. To provide the best of the UX, display current progress and delight them with anything you can. When the tasks fail to accomplish, inform them in an intuitive way.

Sysstem Status Mobile UX, Micro-Interaction

System Status

Always Keep the Context Alive

It might be challenging to fit too much of content within the small mobile screen. Micro-interactions can be useful to help users navigate easily through various sections. Categorizing different sections of the app content within micro-interaction menus is often very helpful.

Keep Context-Micro-Interaction Web Design

Non-Standard Layouts

Micro-interactions must help users to bring clarity to the design and allow users to interact with the uncommon layouts without any ambiguity or complications. Use of photographed images and flipping forward and backward and rotating characters are some of the great ways to go.


Advantage to Call To Action(CTA)

While designing the CTA buttons, effective design through Micro-Interaction approaches are beneficial in boosting the CTR. Call to Action design might be challenging as a small difference in the style of the design might affect the conversions.

Contact-Us CTA

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