Micro-Interactions: A Prime Aesthetic of User Experience Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 21st May 2018

UX (User Experience) is not an independent entity of the design. It works in accordance with the other impacting elements of the system. A good user experience (UX) is one that does not fail to keep users onboard. In developing a good user experience, Micro-interactions play a significant role. This design element delights user at every instance while they are on the system.


What are Micro-interactions?

Micro-interactions are subtle transitions or animation that are often used on a website or in a software application. Moreover, these are logical motions within the design elements that provide real-time feedback about how the operation is being performed.

To better understand the concept of micro-interactions, take a look at the gif below:


The above-shown gif shows how micro-interactions take part in the UX design. This is a login page for a mobile application which consists of a form asking users to fill in their username and password.

The action is performed by filling up the form with two fields. As soon as the user clicks on any one of the forms fields, there is a subtle transition of text that shifts upward. This is a very logical transition that conveys the meaning of the operation being performed and provides a real-time feedback to the user when they are performing any sort of activities within the application.

Similarly, clicking on the login button shows a slight transition providing the feedback that the button has been successfully clicked. That’s what micro-interaction is meant to do. Instead of a usual form filling experience, it delights the user with subtle motion.

What to consider in Micro-Interaction?
  • The animation used in the micro-interaction must be logical
  • It should not be over animated
  • The movement should be pleasant to the user and in accordance with the design elements
  • Micro-interaction should not affect the productivity of the users and should not have longer transitions

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