Achieving Minimalism- Best Practices and Resources

Saurabh Tiwary | 23rd December 2016

The minimalist web and mobile design approach have taken design enthusiast by storm in the past few years. The trend of implementing minimal UI components with maximum usability is what every designer yearns for. Having witnessed the triumphing nature of minimalist design, it seems to be the fate of future of the design world.

This article will guide you through some of the effective strategies and introduce you to other resources that you can put your hands on while going behind minimal design practices.

Minimalism in Design

Before I proceed further, I assume that you possess some prior understanding of the minimalist design. If not, give this article a quick read.

This Is Why Minimalist Design Are Getting Popular


Useful Approaches for Designing Minimal User Interface


Use of Whitespace and Negative Space

Modern design practices have widely incorporated whitespace and negative space to boost the “minimum yet productive” web design. The focus on the subject with some blank space and subtle use of text and Bold Typography is a great way to go with.


Minimalism is an Art

Instead of focusing on the rules to attain minimalism, implementation and bearing an experimental approach is more beneficial as a designer. Another challenge that exists in these this design form is to bring about a consistency in the overall design. The style guide and the color schemes need to be consistent as well. Key considerations are:

  • Every action must relate to the fundamental objectives
  • Easiest Interface Design and simplest possible functionality
  • Focus on details that are crucial
  • Leave plenty of space to let your design breathe
  • Little Color application
  • Restrict the use of typeface uses to one or two at most


Simplicity in the Content Structure

When we talk about specifying the content structure, we need to compromise a bit in regard to the “Minimalism” principles to deliver best possible content to the reader in some intuitive ways.

The objective is to let the user digest every text content and for that we need only the text which is easily understood and memorable.

Content Structure

  • Some practices that might help are:
  • Eye catching Phrases or Text
  • Easily Understandable Sentences
  • Clean Images and Subtle Text

Details Matter

Minimalist is a challenge and for the reason, every detail should have a purpose. It is often seen that objects and elements do not actually get a place they should and somehow not visible to thee end users. Refraining yourself from the access to anything is good, but on the hand, the design elements that you think forms the website or app should be provided an accurate place.

While including the details, ensure proper uses of grids and alignment. This clear organization can bring consistency in the design approach. Make use of user emotion to let them interact with the design.

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