How to Keep your Design Minimal with more Content?

Saurabh Tiwary | 6th April 2017

If your website incorporates a few interfaces and every user interface has a clear and logical purpose, it is likely to engage a large number of users. This is what the minimal approach is all about. As the name suggests, minimalist is about keeping your website content and app design simple without complicating it with too much of text and irrelevant interfaces.

UI Design with More Content

This article will guide you through some of the effective ways that will help you keep your website and mobile app UI design to the minimal even when you have too much things to display on your site.


Focus on Information Architecture

The prime concern with websites with bulk content is to place content within the multi-level site navigations. However, this approach does not lead to achieving minimalism. The reason being, the user feels too lazy to read the long stretched out text on the web-page.


While dealing with the multi-level navigation, divide text in such a way that it takes minimum time to read and understand its meaning. You can take help from the copywriters to phrase every sentence in an appropriate way. Moreover, a bit of animation or motion graphics proves handy to keep your users engaged with the text.


Design Actionable Navigation

Just like the CAll-To-Action button design, take care of every text based menus and navigations on your site or mobile app. The difference in a word makes all the difference. For an example, if you want your site user to visit your website, you might provide a link with the text” Visit our Website”. However, this is a very usual approach and customer might not feel like clicking the URL. But if you ask them to perform the same action through an “Explore Now” button, they are more likely to click and be redirected to your site as the word sounds interesting.

Similarly, if your website incorporates a large number of menus, then break it in such a way that navigations on every page is likely to be more actionable.


Use Image-Driven Text

No denying the fact that a single image can speak a thousand word. Considering this fact, make use of typography designs that suit your needs and accordingly, design every text page using some graphical elements. Moreover, use of functional animation and motion graphics is also beneficial.


Use Icons Instead of Text Content

As discussed above about images and graphics, icons are equally effective. Sometimes, overuse of text can ruin the User Experience. In such scenarios, use of interactive icons is of great use.  Icons are likely to speak when you use the appropriate one.
So, these are the several smart ways when you design websites or face challenges with bulk content. Here, I provide some additional links to help you out.

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