Misinterpretation among designers about Sketch.

Shubham Pachauri | 30th June 2017


sketch is a awesome software available on Apple’s Mac from about 7 years now. Almost half of the web designer and graphics moves to this tool. But Still lots of designers not using it because of lots of misinterpretation about this awesome tool in a market. Let discuss some of them:


  1. It’s not only for Wireframing: Yes, we can do wireframing in it but that’s not all, you can design your applications and website from scratch by spending less time and efforts as compare to Photoshop or illustrator.


  1. Many of us still think In sketch we can only drag and drop: Sketch provide lots of   useful asset within it like Icons, templates for applications and websites screen. buts that not all sketch also gives you tools to create new innovative designs Just like any other designing software.


  1. It Will take time to learn this software: Many designers not using sketch because they think they have to spent lot of time to learn this software. But It is quite apposite you don’t need any special class to learn this software. This software have very easy interface. Its works on same layers system as Photoshop.


4.File compatibility: Many of Us still worried about sketch file format. On the other hand sketch gives you   freedom to save your project in PSD file format and many others. Sketch can be used jointly with photoshop to produce some awesome products.


5.Useful While creating Cropped images for Android & IOS: Most of the designers Spends  their lots of time in exporting their design according to developers requirement. And they thinks it can only be done by photoshop. But that’s not true you can also export your images through sketch software very efficiently. In facts it have very quick process to export images especially for Applications and website.

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