New Mobile App Interface Designs That Are Inspiring Designers

Bharat | 17th August 2018

UI/UX design ideas are very crucial as they help designers build tremendous Android or iOS mobile applications. And due to this, UI/UX designers usually pay a lot of time in exploring and looking for a set of free and business related UI/UX design model for some motivations. In this blog, I come up with a set of new mobile app interface designs which are inspiring designers.

Mobile App Interface Designs Motivating Designers

Watering tracker application

Watering Tracker Application is a mobile-based app that can help users by evoking them to water plants and also provides statistics for every plant. It’s a great help for people who are fond of plants. It’s a magnificent thought to track the watering statistics of plants and also prompt users to water plants at the regular time. In Addition, its background images and pictures of various plants under the tracking are really colorful and fresh, which help users freshen up their mood while using it.


Yono mobile application

Yono mp3 mobile application is a musical app that not only authorizes users to listen to songs but also inspects radio to know world news or other fascinating contents. It’s a good place to share and explore songs of your choice, and albums. It has a really crisp and eye-catching interface with an accurate color scheme. Every interface is designed with attractive color contrasts between black and red, which gives it a trendy and classic look. And color gradients are also used in smaller sections and few buttons that make people emphasis on these key areas. Overlapping of pictures, icons, and buttons also makes it look attractive and gives a pleasant feeling to its users. That’s why it is user-centric, alluring and simple to use.

Nightowl coffee application

Nightowl Coffee ordering application is a mobile-based app that supports order and gets hot coffees in various sizes and qualities as per their requirements. It promotes a distinct illustration style. Its background styled with simple gray-colored graphics and yellow-colored buttons make it look elegant.

Room-frames application

Room-frames is an iOS-based app which helps people recall places that they have been through, especially the room where they slept before and don’t wish to forget in the future. So, in this regard, it is more likely to be a handling application. It opts for various interfaces for users to add multiple hotels, places, workstations. And every place is authorized to add further photos, descriptions, dates and more details so that it helps users never forget unforgettable things.



Created templates are the mobile app interface designs which motivate designers. Through these templates of popular applications, they get to know about the needs of the users. And in this way, they have ideas of what is in trend and what’s not.

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