Mobile Design Performance Optimization

Saurabh Tiwary | 3rd May 2016

Mobile Design Performance

It would be very unfair to evaluate the performance of any website just by testing it  through a specific device. As the current design trends go behind focusing on mobile, PC and tablet based design, it has been the need of every design expert to evaluate the performance on different grounds of testing viz. Mobile, PC, Tablet etc. Perhaps, majority of the web design projects prefer sticking to the responsive design but this has eventually lead to a number of performance issues for mobile devices. In this article, we shall talk about few Mobile Design Performance Optimization techniques for designers that can boost website usability and its performance.


Collaborative Review

In every project, indulge yourself into reviewing the design and forecast development scope with the team and then define the Key Performance Indicator(KPI). Set your performance goals and avoid signing projects until the whole team has reviewed the output. This is because modifications in the future would lead to complications and eventually degrade the performance.


Performance Budget

The load time that you want to attain is what that defines the budget for the performance optimization. When a team is working on any performance goal, they must keep in mind the features and the budget associated with each one of them. For example, adding carousels to the website design can be expensive task. Allocating weight of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images and web fonts add to extensive budget requirement for improving performance.


Optimization Techniques

One of the influencing factors in Mobile Design Performance optimization is client and server side optimization. Target optimization technique is a useful way that addresses both of these optimization and plays an important role in setting up performance budget as well.  


Code Optimization

Many developers practice writing in jQuery to enhance the website.This does not actually help as you are writing in JavaScript using a library of helpful shortcuts and functions. Though it is beneficial for speeding up development when you need to get a product to the market quickly but there can be an increased cost associated with it.

You can write in plain JavaScript that avoids pulling another external library into your application and one that saves other precious HTTP request. Optimizing CSS and JS with front end compiler apps can also help optimizing the mobile performance.


Image Optimization

Images play a major role in degrading the performance of a website. Image compression techniques help optimize the performance. This include using right tools and appropriate image formats. Prefer using JPEG for colorful images and PNG8 for flat color images. Tools like Photoshop and Fireworks can help you optimize in a better way.


Optimizing Fonts And Icons

Fonts that are colorful when displayed on the website, slows down the website and sometime, browsers do not load the complete font. Instead, it displays them in a general font, and the colorful fonts do not act as per their actual application. Similarly, icons with more color takes a lot of time to load and the situation becomes even worse in case of mobile device usability. So, avoid using too much of colors in icons and better use them on the layouts.


Loading Technologies

Loading techniques are a smarter way to boost the mobile performance as they do not allow full download of the content to the mobile devices. Instead, the information that is crucial is displayed to the end user. This technique involves availability of javascript to the browsers that loads all the breakpoints and chooses to filter the information to be displayed on the mobiles.

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