Best Color Schemes for Excellent Mobile UX Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 2nd December 2016

Designing an unmatched UX is not everybody’s cup of tea. The ultimate goal of every Mobile UX design is usability. The more usable your interface is, the better User Experience it will deliver. Even, an awesomely built UI can sometime result in a Bad User Experience in mobile apps. Mobile app UX is a broad concept. You can’t rely on a specific color scheme or other approaches to achieve a functional user experience. A number of factors are responsible for building up a mobile UX that works quite well in every scenarios. One of the components that play a significant role in boosting the experience of the mobile app users is the effective use of color schemes that might enhance mobile app UX.

Best Color Schemes for Excellent Mobile UX Design

How important is Color Scheme in Mobile UX Design?

Colors significantly help boost the mobile UX. Every color scheme has an impact while conveying the actual meaning associated with the type of app you are design for. In this article, we should be able to walk through some of the proven color scheme approaches that are very effective in design a highly usable mobile UX.

The Popular Trends in Color Schemes for Mobile UX


Use of Shadow has Risen Up

We have seen a shift towards more use of white spaces using high contrast. The past few years have gone behind using subtle colors for shadows instead of grayscale equivalents that were highly popular. Gradients are also the major part of mobile apps. High-contrast colors brought in the trend of a bold and quite impactful style to the mobile user interface design.


Minimalist Approach with Focused Palettes

The application of color and white space alignments in Apple hardware provides a connected mobile experience between the software and hardware. This minimal approach is quite balanced and very effective. This trend is likely to grow and stay for a while.


Use of High Contrast and Random Colors

With emergence of iOS 7, Apple started a trend of very high contrast colors for mobile user interfaces. Use of bold pinks colors, royal blues, and reds are now taking place in mobile designs, and provide an appealing contrast which is both clear and visually effective.

Use of Black Color Schemes

Although black is not considered as a color, it is now playing a major role in various UX design. The popularity of minimal interface designs has led designers to use very minimal colors, in many cases, simply black, white, and grey.

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