How A Mobile Website Is Different From A Mobile App?

Saurabh Tiwary | 14th September 2016

How  A Mobile Website Is Different From A Mobile App?

Achieving expertise in mobile website UI or a mobile app UI is what most of the business organizations muddle about. It is crucial to figure out what you actually need; a mobile based website or a native mobile application. In any mobile apps design or development project, the focus is on achieving the target goals. This is also true for a mobile based website or an app that aims to target a large user base. Now, let us look into a brief comparison of a website for mobile and a website based mobile application.

How A Mobile Website Is Different From A Mobile App

The Major Difference Between A Mobile Website And A Mobile App

A mobile website is just like a website that consists of a browser-based HTML page linked together and accessed over the internet. The underlying characteristic that differentiates a mobile website from a standard website is that it is designed specifically for smaller handheld displays and the touch-screen interface.

Just like a website, mobile websites display text content, images and other data. The user can access mobile-specific features like click-to-call or location-based mapping etc.


Mobile Apps are the functional applications that are installed on your mobile device instead of being accessed via a browser. Users are provided with device-specific portals such as  play store, to search  and download apps for a specified operating system. In this case, the app may fetch content and other data from the Internet just like a website does. In many cases, a mobile based website is provided with some offline data which makes it quite usable than a website.


Which Is More Advantageous? An App Or A Mobile Website?

When it comes to choosing between a native app or a mobile website, the choice actually depends on your objectives. In case you need to  develop an interactive game, an app is probably the best idea. However, if your end goal is to offer user a mobile-friendly content to a large user base, a mobile website is probably the best way to go. In  certain cases, you may require  both; a mobile website and a mobile app.  But it’s crucial to note that it hardly makes any sense to build and design a mobile app without already having a mobile website.


In general, a mobile website design is considered your first step in developing a web presence as it serves a larger user base with a number of device type, while an app is useful only for developing an application for a very specific that cannot be accomplished by a website. However, you can also look for mobile app design and development company, if you want these tasks to be simultaneously carried out.


Advantages Of A Mobile website Vs. Native App

    • Compatibility: Mobile Websites are Compatible Across Large number of Devices
    • Upgradability: Mobile Websites Can Be Easily Updated
    • Immediacy: Mobile Websites Easily Accessible
    • Reach: Mobile Websites Can Have Larger Reach
    • Findability: Mobile Websites Can be Found Easily
    • Shareability: Mobile Websites Can be Shared Easily by Publishers, and Between Users
    • A Mobile Website Can be an App
    • Time and Cost: Mobile Websites are Less Expensive

When To Use A Mobile App

  • Interactivity/Gaming
  • Regular Usage/Personalization
  • Complex Calculations or Reporting
  • Native Functionality or Processing Required
  • No connection Required

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