5 Innovative Ideas To Boost Mobile Wireframe Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 11th June 2018

Designing a wireframe of a website is equally important as designing and development are. Also, it is a visual design model which shows lines and vertices. It’s an image or set of various images which let a user know about the characteristics of a web page/website. Same as of a  website wireframe, the technique that uses into designing mobile wireframe is almost same. However, one of the important things is making the best possible use of the touch space of your mobile screen. In this blog, I am going to tell you about the innovative ideas to boost mobile wireframe design.

5 Innovative Ideas To Boost Mobile Wireframe Design Are:

Avoid using colors:

Although colors are powerful, however, it can be distracting in mobile wireframes as you are working for small displays. If you can’t do without colors, make sure to use it sparingly (using very less) and consistently and look for a color not in the client’s palette so that you ensure yourself that your discussion remains focused on the experience which you are working on and not the visual design solutions.

Maintain the consistency:

The purpose of your mobile wireframe is to facilitate mobile users, not distract or complicate. Some of the major practices in achieving consistency in wireframe design are to be consistent with various elements like typography, spacing, content, and delivery.

Let the team work on it:

All you need to do is seek feedback from your team members regarding how would your wireframe design look on various mobile devices. When we seek ideas from our teammates, the potential for its effectiveness doubles. It’s not likely that you are expert at it, so get over your ego and be a team player as designing is all about getting your creativity and ideas evaluated by others.

Interactions must be communicated easily:

Although wireframing and prototyping are handy tools, however, they serve a number of different purposes. Prototyping is sometimes more intensive as compared to wireframing. You can easily and statistically communicate the key features of the design or interactions. Ask your client what they actually need.


Stay away from useless barriers:

Do not let a design tool get over your ideas. It is often seen that incorporating design tools for designing wireframes and prototyping leaves no room for creativity thereby hindering your wireframe design process. Spend some time in learning from sketching and whiteboarding so that you don’t need to rely on any tools.


In short, a mobile app wireframe design gives a clear and crisp picture of a mobile application that a client is actually expecting. To boost a mobile wireframe design, we have to use colors in a very limited manner, it must look uniform, taking feedback from the team is also necessary, interactions must be communicated in an easy manner, and also don’t let the design tool completely get over your idea. In this way, one can boost a mobile wireframe design.

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