How to Use Motion Graphics for Designing Explainer Videos?

Saurabh Tiwary | 10th November 2016

Videos are more engaging than the text or graphic content. And that’s why explainer videos have secured some space on the websites as well as in mobile apps. Sometimes, text alone is not enough to convey your message to the visitors. You need to produce some more engaging content to boost the website user experience. An explainer video is a great tool that can contribute to come up with a more detailed and clear information about any product or services. Motion Graphics is the best tool in this regard.

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Using Motion Graphics for Designing Explainer Videos

Motion Graphics is the best alternative if you cannot manage to shoot professional videos or hire top end photographers. By means of various types of animations and creative implementations, you can come up with a solid video content based on your requirements. Before proceeding further, let us quickly take a look at some types of explainer videos.

  • 2D Motion Graphics Animation- Straightforward approach for the simplest motion graphics application which is ideal for companies that need to explain some product specifications etc.
  • Whiteboard Animation- With simple black and white drawing illustrations on a whiteboard, such types of animation are highly preferred for B2C and B2C needs. They can be used for providing in-depth information of a new product or services with deep insights.
  • 3D Animation- This sort of motion videos have boundless scope in the field of motion graphics. However, 3D animations are expensive and are highly opted by big companies in their projects.
  • Stop Motion Videos- Such kind of videos consist of photographed images with slight movement among them. This movement of multiple frames is just like videos. There is no specific application of stop motion videos, however, they are often employed on websites.


Different Aspects of Motion Graphics Application

Motion graphic videos transform a complex idea by means of animated graphic elements and make it quite easy to understand. These are short duration videos that can range from 30 sec to 2 minutes in some cases.

Combining Motion Graphics with Live Action

Live Action videos have some limits. But when we talk about animation, the limit is your imagination. through a combination of motion graphics and live action, you can describe ideas and concepts that are difficult or even impossible to explain through live action.

Refer to this link for an example of such video.

Motion Graphics With Character Animation

This is very good technique if you need to add a human touch or a warmer approach i.e away from the emotions.  Motion graphics tend to be very synthetic by default and does not connect emotionally. It is recommended to add some funny characters to make it more engaging and attractive.

Motion Graphics  With Whiteboard Animation

It might seem difficult to combine these two techniques. But, in reality, most whiteboard animation productions are created digitally. To camera movements, graphics etc, you will need a Motion Graphics specialist. That’ the reason you need to bring professional motion graphics into the play.

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