Motion Graphics – An Evolution In The Modern Design

Neeraj Charaya | 28th April 2017

In past days, Motion Graphics was all an abstract like 2D tiles coming and all sort of stuff. People pushed themselves to make something good and appealing in the fields of Motion Graphics but it eventually shaped into three dimensional which didn’t look realistic in terms of Photorealism. Then visual effect comes into play in the field of photorealism, shadows, building shots in actual camera play.

Motion Graphics

What we see now is that Motion Graphics almost started looking quite Photo realistic. Creating 3D models, motion tracking and integrating the 3D models into the actual camera shots enhanced the overall visual effects quality.

Motion Graphics is a term used for Motion + Graphics which means graphics when used in motion with some effects and transitions. It has a varied range as it covers all video part like :-

  • 2D character Animation
  • Explainer Videos
  • 2D Motion Graphics Animation
  • 2.5D Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Live Action
  • Live Action With Track Elements

  • Stop Motion
  • Typography
  • Screencast

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Evolution of After Effects

With the introduction to software like Adobe After Effects, artists can create a lot of stuff like camera tracking tools with motion graphics. They have got all such necessary tools that no matter what project they are working on, they are available.

With the evolution of Motion Graphics, Adobe After Effects has also evolved so much. As a template creator, now one can open file into Adobe Premiere and edit text and create dynamic content. This means that we can use After Effects File into Adobe Premiere directly without getting it converted.

Day by day editing software’s and adobe software’s are getting better and better by listening through their users through forums and boards and so the artists are also getting each software more in an advanced form for their experiments and creation.

The Bottom Line

According to me, evolution is better for Motion Graphics in terms of Modern Design and is directly proportional to the evolution of After Effects and similar softwares which provide artists all necessary tools to work with.


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