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Saurabh Tiwary | 7th March 2016

WebDesignTrends 2016Well, there are numerous tools and techniques to go on with while playing with your web pages. Some of you might be fond of using HTML tools, followed by XML and WordPress plugins being another alternative. However, it is also a great idea to pace up by taking into the account the latest trends in web designing to ensure more traffic and enhance your website.

Here, we list few latest trends that might certainly bring dramatic outcomes to your design.

  1. Add flavours to your Typography

In the past couple of years, a number of online font creation tools have come into the existence. And as a result, there is a dramatic shift, the way fonts are rendered online. Seeing the way typography is taking space on the display, it leads us to conclude that 2016 will be marked by a number of colors and various typography.

  1. Mobile UX is gaining Popularity

Apart from typography, few other factors like navigation, forms, images and mobile-specific features will have the impact of design. For enhanced design, images and texts with effects are used. So, CSS and improved fonts will also be in a part of the trend. This, in turn, will reduce page-loading time and server load too. Touch events are also in much demand. A large number of websites are using plugins to handle events like tap and swipe.

  1. Proceed with Material Design

Material Design is another alternative to flat design that consists of some good looking graphical elements. It’s a set of Google design standards and guidelines that generally separates elements by making use of layers concept often found in image editing software. Material design is slightly different from flat design. Flat design is a design basis for presenting UI and graphical elements. Material design is intended for mobile devices as there is a rapid increase in  a number of smartphone and tablet users,  as their primary devices. It smoothens your website and speeds it up. It is soon expected to become the standard and key idea in website designing.

  1. Card Design

In recent years, card layouts have gained too much of popularity amongst designers, and this trend will surely continue in 2016 and beyond. Just because cards are one of the main components used in Material Design and also because they work very well with responsive web design. Card layouts are preferred because of their user-friendliness and they are also helpful in arranging and organizing your product’s content, and thus, help visitors easily get all relevant information at a glance. So, they can browse more easily if they are not interested in a particular product.

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