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Akhila Raju | 30th March 2019

It’s already been 11 months since I joined here in Oodles regardless I couldn’t overlook my time here which was an extraordinary ordeal for me into getting the hang of something I have for the longest time been and I will impart the experience to each one of my readers.

At Oodles, We majorly emphasize on research, analysis before start with any project. Significantly we do more research towards the start of a project but throughout as well. It is an incredible feeling and you learn a lot about your client and what they do, and how the clients use or see their product or administration. You get a great deal of understanding into the client’s business as well, however, you likewise take in a ton about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to design in general.

I have encountered experiences which were utilized in looking into an undertaking or finding some sort of solution for a problem. One exercise that I found quite cool was the “Client Journey on this project from the start.” I find that it is an incredible method to perceive the amount of an understanding you get to have of a customer’s site or product. It additionally encourages you to measure the outcomes you need after the project is complete and in the review.

Everybody’s a Little Bit of a UX Expert

Something that I never truly acknowledged is that anybody and everybody can turn into a UX master. Inside a primary couple of long stretches of beginning at Oodles, I was in a room with another designer along with one of our project manager who was contributing to my very first project. I was quite nervous but fortunately, a complete demo went successfully. I soon found myself giving my own ideas and opinions on how things could work by applying my own experiences.

Nowadays, we are altogether utilizing cell phones, tablets and different gadgets so consistently we get to know how we trust things and how they should function, what would make them better or worse. We communicate with innovation consistently, now and then. Despite the fact that somebody may not be prepared in the specialty of UX, there is a little bit of a specialist in all of us.

This whole process has been a genuinely knowledgeable and overall Experiences are enormous. Something that truly has been an incredible advantage for the learning procedure is the people here at Oodles. At whatever point I require help on something or have any inquiry, I can truly simply tap somebody on the shoulder and they will help me out with whatever I require. Overall my journey is going fantastic till now and I am making sure that I Learn and make most of my experiences.

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