Necessary Factors of a Lucrative UX Design

Necessary Factors of a Lucrative UX Design

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Necessary Factors of a Lucrative UX Design

How many times have you thought of UX design playing a crucial role in your sales and marketing? Scarcely 100 out of 2 would say, I have, but what about the rest of us? We often overlook the significance of UX design. Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, and WordPress. Why have these sites emerged as big fishes of WWW ocean? The deciding factor is the effort that went into careful planning and positive user experience for these reputed websites.


What’s User Experience Design?

The user experience is the satisfaction that is provided by a website to every visitor. UX can cover factors like layout clarity, intuitiveness of navigation, security and comfort of transaction process. The concept of user experience isn’t limited to this; a UX designer can take the whole concept to another level.


The Major Factors of UX Designing

We can’t control the impact of our website’s design on individual visitors, so there’s no solution that fits everywhere. But the major areas that help concentrate on the development of a website are below given:


This is not exactly rocket science to understand that a poorly designed website can’t allure customers. Always a well-structured website will attract more visitors than a poorly done website. Your design impacts the way a visitor behaves or interacts on the page. Just think about no difficult website but Facebook. Look at its clean & organized features, and additional services that have changed the way people interact on social media. Now millions of people use it to stay in touch with their friends and family, and it has influenced so many people around the world.


Who doesn’t want to convert their clicks into sales? We all want to retain our customers, but for that we need to offer value to them. No one can understand the value of their web presence until they know their users. To define a value, one needs to research demographics, the factors that bring traffic to your website, and where the most of the traffic arrives.

For instance, an e-commerce website that has given oodles of product details and descriptions in an organized manner, but its payment mechanism is complicated to use will possibly lose its customer. Visitors might start to use the website as a reference source to research specifications, but end up buying products from another website which has a hassle-free and safe transaction process.


Desirability can’t be attributed to a specific element like design or content. A dynamic UI will make your site look modern, and relevant. An authentic store front for e-commerce strengthens sales. A logical and consistent brand identity helps maintain reputation and influence among the customer base. These all are factors of desirability.

The factors of UX is about understanding the main desires and concerns of your customers. A sound knowledge of these necessary elements of user experience can help every project to grow effectively.



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