The Need of Conversational User Interface in Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 5th June 2018

A conversational UI refers to the chatbot experience that interprets language in a way as you are messaging or calling to human beings. The overall experience of the conversational user interface includes computers, websites and mobile apps etc. It is for helping human beings. In addition, it requires a user to interact through icons or links to let a computer do anything.

The objective of the conversational user interface is to achieve human-like conversation on the website or applications. There are two types of conversational UI forms combining nowadays. These are voice-based conversations or the text-based chat-bots that you see in Facebook Messenger.

Why We Need Conversational UI In Design:

Usages Of Conversational UI:

As a matter of fact, people love to interact naturally than communicating in terms of Technology-driven approaches. It feels genuine and innate. That’s the concept of introducing conversational UI as it is a next step towards making technology a friend to human beings.

There are so many situations where an interface is very confusing. For an example, when you make errors within the form field, the validation message is not very specific. A lot goes in making sure a feature works quite well and is easy to use. Conversational UI bothers with user testing through experiences of users and people. The purpose is to make technology suitable for users without the barrier of communication.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot:

Recently, Facebook integrated a chatbot API into their messaging app ‘Messenger, which allowed its users to interact with businesses through an entirely new level of conversational UI. They have incorporated a whole new conversational UI that takes into account how individual and professionals interact.

So far, facebook community developers have created more than 100,000 versions of conversational experiences for Facebook’s Messenger platform. Many of those bots have are built with high-end capabilities with the objective of significant cost-cutting.


As we are entering a new zone of computing technology which is full of R&D of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can transform the life of users. Due to this, the conversational user interface is coming up with the latest model of communication with devices. Computational power, cloud computing, and highly advanced algorithms are immensely contributing towards the success of conversational UI.

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