Objection we face while making logo

Oindrila Saha | 29th December 2017

While designing we face a lot of challenges but we got into designing because we love what we do. We love the creative part where we can do some tweaking and make the design perfect. But this job is not easy and full of challenges. The smallest problem can turn a particular design into a nightmare. So while making a logo we face a lot of obstacles.



1. Overlapping gradients logo

There are nasty people, and there are neat and clean people. We love both, but if logo and branding trends form any indication then it’s time to make room for cleanliness.In the recent MasterCard logo, visually busy logos was exchanged for streamlined, simple design.

2.Geometry logo

Geometry is really coming in to play a vital role in designing brands.Geometric shapes and forms are highly effective to design stylish, unique and multidimensional logos.

3.Negative space logo

Negative space logos are on the peak from the rise of 2016.The negative space has the full potential to talk to its viewer, and the viewer can immediately understand the message.

4.Hand-Drawn logo

Hand-drawn graphics are always in trend, is set to gain even more attention in 2017, Hand-drawn designs always feel fresh, comforting and grounded. A logo that imitates hand-made images, credibility, and charisma, as well as a sense of connectivity with the user or brand, are likely developments of this hand-drawn trend.

5.Line Art-

Line art and line-based logo are very simple, elegant and very eye-catching. Line art logo designs created with abstract, solid single color lines to create a well-balanced image or text.

6.Minimalism –

Minimalism is one of the logo trends that is popular nowadays. Neat and clean shapes, minimal use of color allow you to create an up- to date logo design.

This trend only focuses on keeping just the essentials and removing unnecessary details from a logo, So many companies are using this concept to rebrand their identity.

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