Highly Used Online Wireframing Application Tools

Bharat | 2nd July 2018

A mock-up or a sketch that focuses on the look and feel of the UI of a Software is called as Wireframing. It’s an important part of software development lifecycle, which also helps in describing the navigation structure of the software. It also helps in refining the needs by bringing out the specific nature of the system. Wireframes help designers in conceptualizing every software requirement. And for creating wireframes, wireframe tools are required. Wireframe tools make the process of creating an app and website pretty simple. Nowadays, a large number of wireframe tools are available in the market offering various functions. This blog is all about highly used online wireframing application tools.

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Most Prominently Used Online Wireframing Application Tools:

Balsamiq mockup tool:

Balsamiq is a highly used wireframing tool that helps its users work smartly and speedily. It gives the experience to a designer as if he is sketching on a whiteboard by using a computer device. This tool helps create the wireframe fastly. So, a designer can have more time to focus on new ideas and by this, he can even omit the poor ones. It gives users the option to easily drag and drop many UI elements from buttons to lists. This tools also provides the facility to its users to collaborate with stakeholders and users and to receive feedback on that particular wireframe. It also gives an option to merge seamlessly with the Google Drive.

UXPin mockups tool:

UXpin, another highly popular wireframe making tool for its users. It can transform a designer’s ideas into the high-end accuracy, and clickable models within few seconds. With the help of this tool, one can create wireframes from scratch or can use the pre-built components from the UI libraries. Even a designer has rights to upload its existing designs through the sketch. One can easily and simultaneously edit a design and can get updates with the slack notifications. And a user can easily get feedback directly on its design element and can connect with Jira tool.


HotGloo UI:

HotGloo, a UX wireframe tool used for creating wireframes and prototypes for mobile applications, websites, and various wearable items. This tool helps in visualizing the strategic processes, and also creating and testing the interactions very frequently. It helps in making and sharing completely interactive models with teams and with relevant clients. So that one can get feedback from the respective persons about the process. HotGloo is the perfect tool available for every web worker.

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