Few Amazing Features of Photoshop that are Barely Known

Saurabh Tiwary | 8th March 2018

Photoshop is an all round tool for designers. Besides offering advanced image editing features, it is also ideal for designing user interface for website. This layer based image editing tool is versatile and is being user around the world for numerous applications.


Here we list out some very usable yet little known features of Adobe Photoshop. Having familiar with these can help you enhance your productivity in the field, so let’s take a look.


Generator Technology

With advent of Photoshop 14.1 and later, Photoshop has been offering a very cool features that either most of the users are not aware or do not make use of.


The generator technology lets you to create image assets in real-time while you are working on it. To do so, just add a file extension to the name of your layer, and Photoshop will create a desired file type of that extension viz. JPG, GIF etc.


Conditional Actions

Actions play a very crucial role in any professional Photoshop user’s workflow. With continuous update, this feature has been very much advanced and highly usable for numerous applications. These actions are contains some rules that you set up, that provides you with huge control


Import Color From Web Files

This is pretty new feature that allows you to import colour swatches from any HTML, CSS or SVG files. This is a very handy feature that can help you match your colors if you get any inspiration from the web. You don’t need to download and import the file to the Photoshop.


Multi-Shape Path Selection

This very useful feature of Adobe Photoshop allows you to select multiple paths, shapes and vector masks at once is.It is very handy feature while working with documents having lots of paths.

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