Comparing Adobe Photoshop And Sketch

Saurabh Tiwary | 24th June 2016

Sketch and Photoshop are the two most prevalent design tools that are often talked about. The former being the first choice of Mac users has significantly been popular while the latter still remains the most commonly used tool for creating  Web and Mobile Design Mockups. Although Adobe Photoshop was specifically meant for photographers for image editing, however, it’s intimidating features allowed web designers to design striking and useful websites.

Sketch vs Adobe Photoshop

Nevertheless, it seems as if Photoshop is no more dominating the market as it did few years back. The arrival of Sketch has definitely led large number of designers to switch from the Photoshop. Eventually, a fair competitor and threat to the Photoshop has arrived.


Let’s compare them on various grounds.

  • Symbols And Object- Symbols are used in Sketch while objects are the major components of Photoshop. Both are unique in themselves. The only difference is that symbols in Sketch are of same size while objects in Photoshop vary in sizes.
  • Rendering- When it comes to rendering, images in Sketch can be optimized for web users while same cannot be said about the Photoshop. 
  • Documents- Photoshop holds large documents while Sketch being a vector application has tiny document file size and most of the files created using Sketch are less than 4Mb.
  • Shortcuts- Photoshop certainly has more number of shortcuts while Sketch lacks shortcuts that makes it a bit difficult to use.
  • Grids- In photoshop, you need to create grids while Sketch has built-in grids.
  • Color Management- As compared to Sketch, Adobe Photoshop has better Color Management features.
  • Objects Artboards- Sketch comes with multiple artboards while Photoshop has only one art artboard which is comparatively slow.
  • Measurement Options- By making use of marquee tool, you can open the info palette, draw the distance between 2 objects and you can check the results.  This is advance measurement technique provided by Sketch. It is comparatively easier and direct. However, such measurements are not possible in Photoshop.
  • Photo Editing Capabilities- Well, in this department, Photoshop is undoubtedly the winner as it was primarily designed for photo editing purposes. However, Sketch manages to work decently in case of images but is not as useful as Photoshop.
  • Weight- Sketch is lightweight as compared to Adobe Photoshop.
  • Usability- A contrasting difference between the two that must be noted is that Sketch can only be used in Mac while Adobe Photoshop can run on different platforms.



Although Photoshop is being used in greater extent, the intuitive features and distinctiveness of Sketch cannot be denied. Both of the tools provide specific features that sets them apart. It is the convenience and choice of a designer to make a choice out of these.

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