Points to Keep in Mind While Designing A Corporate Website

Bhuvan Verma | 7th June 2018

Designing a corporate website can be a challenging proposition. You have to keep dribbling with the design with many stakeholders, that might prevent your new idea to sketch out in reality.

Let’s move on to the key points important to remember while designing.

Start the Design in Gray Shade: 

Always try to make wireframes first at the initial stage in grayscale before looking into the visuals appearance and complete the design first then add the colour to the design elements.

Choose Your Fonts Wisely:

Choice of typography is always in an interplay with the layout, line heights, letter-spacing, and many other factors. Once you know a lot of typefaces and how they are affected by these various factors is when you can play on another level. If you are new to designing then you must have a look at google fonts and find a good corporate font for it.

Add Social Media Icons:

To keep your audience stay with you, learn about you and perhaps inquire about the services you need to add social media icons to the prominent positions. It can be in the footer, header or any suitable location so that it won’t affect your user experience.

Stop Using Slide Shows: 

Nowadays people don’t stay at the website for very long so putting a slide show at the top is out of trend now. Promote one thing at the first instead of making a slideshow.

Take color inspiration from nature: 

Take a picture and use the color picker tool and find the colors that you would like to put in. I’m sure nature won’t let you down.

Use white spaces: 

If it is a one-page website always divide sections in alternate fashion for user experience perspective because It is a hack to design not every white space is needed to be filled. Don’t make it one color or a multi-colored website. Make simpler to for the user to understand.

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